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RPG Maker XP Resource list

Updated on May 16, 2010

There are several different types of resource materials and sprites you can use in your projects. Here's what they all mean in the editor so you can find them online:

Sprites: These are typically any of the graphic files. They're all pixel art, with the exception of some of the digital illustration backgrounds (panoramas, battlebacks) and animations. Many people like to use animations created in programs like Particle Illusion. You can find more information about particle creation programs online. Sprites can be created using pixel art programs. Pixel art is an "antique" art creation technique. You basically draw everything for the resources, one dot at a time, using your mouse. This was an improvement over the original way of spriting. On ancient computers, every sprite was basically lines of 8. A value from 1 to 255 defined how much of it was colored, increasing by 2 each time to save memory.

Battlers: Large graphic images that represent a monster in your Rpg Maker XP project. Some of them also represent the characters depending on the battle system you use. Battler images link.

Battleback: This resource is the backdrop (background) of any combat scene. You can also use the map screen with custom scripts. Check out a rpg maker xp script tutorial to find out more about how to use ruby. But how can you use a map as the background you might be asking? @spriteset = - That, without the minus, is the command for drawing map resources on the screen.

Icons: Little pixel art graphics that represent items and skills.

Music, Sound Effects, Background Sound, Melody: Audio effects for your game. Any midi, mp3 or ogg file will do. Melodies and sound effects are only played once before stopping. The rest of the resources will continuously loop during your Rpg Maker XP game until you stop them.

Tileset, also called chipset: The maps you design are made with these. Check out a tileset tutorial, and where to find more chipsets.

Characters: Little sprites that move around the screen. These are my favorite of all the types of Rpg Maker XP resource graphics. Most of them are animated, but they don't have to be. Here's a link for finding RMXP character sets.


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