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Rainbow Blocks, Mystic Stones and Randomite, A YogBox Minecraft Mod Compilation Guide

Updated on June 30, 2011

What is that green stone for? Why does that stone have rainbow coloration? Why is the Minecraft world so colorful and strange now that YogBox has come into your life? Is this reality? Don't panic. Grab your towel and read along as I guide you through some of the contents of the YogBox, a mod compilation that is as amazing as it is confusing at times.

In this article we're looking at some of the extra ores and stone block types in the YogBox, specifically Randomite, which was one of Scokeev9's mods, and Limestone, Migmatite, Anorthosite, Slate, Orthogneiss and Marble which are all part of Axebane's Mystic Stones mod.

? indeed.
? indeed.


Randomite appears as a rainbow colored ore or as a rainbow question mark if you use the complimentary YogBox texture pack. The principle of this block is simple: break it with a pick axe and almost anything might come out. You could get coal, iron, redstone, gold, diamond or even an egg. That's right, maybe an egg! Randomite is a core part of the YogBox and will be installed by default.

Mystic Stones

The Mystic Stones mod adds, as we have mentioned, Limestone, Migmatite, Anorthosite, Slate, Orthogneiss and Marble. These blocks correspond to different colors, Limestone is green, Migamatite is 'orange', Anorthosite is purple, Marble is dark grey / black, Slate is blue. What can you do with this multitude of new colors? You can build pretty things with it. Like normal stone, if you mine these new blocks, they will turn into a 'cobbled' version of themselves. You can smelt them in the furnace to turn them smooth again or you can use them to dye planks of wood. So basically, you have six new colors to build with that aren't blocks of wool.

A word to the wise, colored stone cannot be used to craft tools and once wooden planks have been colored they cannot be used to craft tools either. So if you're running super low on tools, it might not be the best idea to go dying all the wood you find. Although it would be fabulous.

If you loathe the colored stone and find it distracting, it is possible to not install Mystic Stones when you install the YogBox. To not install Mystic Stones, simply decide not to check the box next to the words Mystic Stones. If you've already gone ahead and installed Mystic Stones, you can clear it all out and start again. Nobody will judge you, though it might muck up your save.


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