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Resident Evil 7 "Banned Footage Vol. 2" DLC Review

Updated on February 24, 2017

Rating 3/5

3 stars for Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage Vol. 2

What's Different?

This one has two more "footages" along with the game Jack's 55th Birthday.

I will come right out and say that this DLC has added beef and is where the PSVR would really be handy. A sinister, deadly game of Blackjack and the story of the Bakers and how they came to be. As a sweetener, the DLC has included one of my favorite Resident Evil mini games "Jack's 55th Birthday".

Another difference I'd like to point out is the larger price tag set at $14.99. Ladies and gentleman, before you start throwing your cash at the screen, STOP! This little sliver of story and a time passing card game is NOT worth the price tag. I was fortunate to have the season pass. If you do stumble on this one when its price is a bit lower, I'd certainly say pick it up but DO NOT pay full price for this DLC. You have been warned.


A card game swiped from the writer's of Saw.

Once again, you play Clancy, the "Sewer Gators" cameraman played in the demo. You had been knocked out by some unknown force, and awaken to find your hand strapped down to a dusty old card table, seated in front of a mysterious man with a bag over his head. The crude device strapped to your hand is a terrible thing indeed; it holds you down and if you lose the card game based solely on luck, you lose a finger or two, or three and so on. I won't go any further for the sake of spoilers, but what you see is what you get. You're playing a game of chance and lady luck is certainly not on your side (at least it wasn't for me).

I'll be honest, this extra game would be great for VR users, but it is nothing more than a time waster that drags on and on until it hits the extremely unfair end that I promise you is not intended to to happen. You are somehow expected to win a game of chance within seven rounds or-- well-- let's just say you'll get angry.


This, unlike 21, is amazing. A pre-quell to the events of the main story.

You play Zoe and it starts out as a simple stroll around the house when Jack barges in carrying a little girl. From there, Marguerete instructs you to go get some fresh clothes for this little girl and deliver them to her. Low-and-behold, the little girl is Eveline and she states that your family is now hers. Instantly, you stumble across Marguerete staring blankly into a bath tub. You call out to her and she does some weird crap and its obvious that she's possessed. Jack comes to save the day, only to fail and get infected himself. Now, you're avoiding your parents at all costs, trying to find a way out of your own house.

I won't go any further, spoilers and all, but I can tell you that this mission alone is fantastic. It reminds me of Alien: Isolation or the Amnesia games, if they were based around the Resident Evil story. It's dark, terrifying, challenging, and vital to the story.

Still, even as great as this mission is, it doesn't justify the high price tag.

Jack's 55th Birthday

This mission is a ton of fun and it has given the game a game mode that one can return to.

This game gives me the faintest reminder of the Mercenaries, the long running Resident Evil game mode. You have to kill enemies to pause time, find the best meals to feed Jack Baker and a score to beat every single time.

It's fun and quirky in an otherwise very dark game.

Fun fact: I've played this more than the rest of the DLC because of the drive to beat my past score on the multiple game modes. It's not necessarily challenging unless you are determined of getting better scores than others around the world.

Is it Worth the Buy?

If you do not have the season pass, then it is a hard NO.

$15 is just way too much for this pack. Yes, I LOVE Sisters and I LOVE Jack's 55th Birthday, but they are both too short and do not deliver enough to the player. Sisters is way too short, 21 is unfair in the most annoying ways, and Jack's 55th Birthday is more of a competitive joke than anything.

So, the DLC pack loses points for its price and inability to deliver for that price, but it wins in fun and story (if that makes any sense!).


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