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Review of Call of Duty 3

Updated on June 3, 2009

Call of Duty 3 is a great game. Granted the graphics when compared to the games that are available today are not as good as they are now, but for the time frame the game was produced this game will blow you away. The storyline for this game places you as a soldier in World War II so be prepared for the modern day weaponry that you might be used to in some games not to be available. Like all video games this game has its positives and negatives.

The main positive that I see is that the battle scenes are very realistic and will allow you to gain the feeling of fear that you will be shot in the battle. Now granted the graphics when compared to the newest release of the game will seem lame, but for the time period they are great! Now if this is the first time you have seen a game of this caliber though and do not have anything to compare the game to it is great.

A big plus also is that the game has different playable missions that will allow you to experience the game play as a different country depending on the mission. The country that is available for you to play is British, Canadian, Polish, and American. Now each person will have a different weapon that will allow you to play a different style each time. That is the big upside, but as you progress you will learn to keep your eye open for a variety of weapons that will be available to pick up and use. Learning how to pick up the weapons no matter who you are in the game will be a valuable asset as you learn that you will quite frequently run out of ammo.

Now for the downside the game does not allow for a multiplayer feature unless you play online. Which I do not play online for a variety of reasons, mainly because my internet connection is not fast enough to support game play. So if you play games frequently with friends then this game would not be advisable for you.

If you want a great game to play for a World War II setting without spending a fortune this is a great game. The amount of time that you play on this game will allow you to adapt quickly. Now if you plan on progressing to the other games I would recommend this one as a starting place.


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