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Rotate It - Pipe Rotation Puzzles Galore

Updated on August 30, 2015

Turn the Pipes

From the title and topic heading alone you might already know what type of game this is, but just in case you don't I'll show off a quick screenshot of one of the early levels.

If that picture doesn't give you the immediate urge to flip the pieces that don't connect around until they do, you already know that Rotate It isn't for you. But if you're already interested, I implore you to stick around just a little while longer so I can tell you what you'd be getting into.

The Main Menu

While the screenshot above doesn't look too bad with the calming space background, and arguably hard to make out light blue-white pieces, the main menu isn't exactly the easiest thing on the eyes.

It looks much better in a screenshot, but on my slightly smaller phone the UI was looking a little fuzzy and honestly a little hard on the eyes. However, in a game like this you won't be spending long looking at the main menu.

For those that care however, you can change the background to choose between three different ones. I decided to go with the calming space scenery since it was the easiest on me.

You can see right away that you have the choice between Zen and Challenge. They both have the same amount of levels, but Challenge adds a timer to the equation. There also achievements to be collected, but they're merely milestones for level completion.

And then the last option we have on the menu is sounds, which just gives you two simple buttons that turn sfx or music on and off. But something I should bring up is that I wasn't able to turn the volume up or down while playing which was a little strange.

A Good Amount of Content

Before I begin on how much content there is in the game, it's better if I just show you.

Here you can see the Zen level select where you have a choice between 220 different levels, all of increasing levels of difficulty from the first one on. You can go to any level you want in any order, there's no need to beat a level previous to one to challenge it, which is nice.

Here's a shot of what one of the later levels looks like to give you a good idea of what kind of challenges you'll be up against.

As far as I can see no new mechanics are introduced as you progress, so it looks like this is all Rotate It has to offer to the player, which isn't all that bad when the price I paid for it was free.

The Verdict

Rotate It offers a lot in terms of playable challenges, but very little in terms of innovation. For the price of free I'd say it's worth the download if you enjoy these types of puzzles, but if you had to pay money there's probably a better game that's similar available on your storefront. All in all it just sort of makes me wish I was playing a more aesthetically pleasing puzzle game.


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