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Runescape 2007 OldScape SKILL / STAT Leveling up Guide and Tips for Where to START

Updated on March 5, 2013


This guide is going to give you tips for general leveling up stats and will talk about the fastest ways to work on each stat to get the most out of playing 2007 runescape. I will give strategies for a number of different stats, and how you can also make money doing most of these stats.

Follow me on twitter @Johnrr631992 to stay on top of more oldscape guides to come. Also you can add me on the game if you have questions or need help. My name is 12john

Stats on Oldscape 2007 Runescape

First let me say that I have been around Runescape since I was 12, and am now 20.. So I have been playing for 8 years, and know the ins and outs of Runescape. While things have changed, there is nothing I know more about than the 2007 Runescape, because that was when I played most of my time. Although Back then I did not spend my time wisely, and this was costly for me, especially now when I realize how easy it is to level up certain stats with others.

The best way that you can work on stats on Runescape is by working on multiple stats at the same time. What I mean by this, is that you want to focus on doing more thing at once. Never just go out to train just combat like strength/Attack/and defence. When you choose your monster try to find one that drops bones, and bury those as well. When working on chickens I got all my combat stats to 15, and also had my prayer to 17 because I was working on the bones while I was killing monsters. Most people see the bones and realize they only give 4.5 xp and decide not to work on that, but for the extra 2 seconds it takes to pick up and bury them, you will build that prayer a lot quicker than you think.

Another good combat example is that after I hit 15 on each combat stat I moved to the cows south of falador. When I was killing cows I was picking up the meat. I made sure I had an axe, and tinderbox with me, and I was cooking all the meat. From level 15-20 in all my combat stats I managed to go up 2 woodcutting levels to 34, and 2 firemaking levels, and 18 cooking levels. So I was not simply killing cows but I was multitasking.

I was not collecting the cow hides, but was trading those off to a friend for the meat to help boost my cooking levels. If you kill cows I understand then you can choose to bring that crafting up, or sell them for a decent amount of money. You can also do this with the chickens.

Woodcutting/Fletching - If you are going to choose to woodcut, or fletch than I HIGHLY suggest doing the two at once. This is the fastest way to bring up these two stats, and there are plenty of trees and spots throughout Runescape to do this. You will make good money, especially once you move onto willows and higher. Also you are knocking out two birds with one stone so to say.

FISHING/COOKING - When you are going to take this route I suggest doing these two together. Not to mention if your like me and did the cows to get your cooking up, no matter what you decide to fish you will be able to cook, especially in the beginning, and if the cooking is high enough you will actually cook a significant number of fish, and not burn them. So I highly suggest working on these two stats together. While starting my fishing I went to Draynor Village and I was netting fish, cooking them, cutting wood and making fires and was working on 4 stats at once. This worked out well, and allowed me to work on these stats altogether and make small profit while doing so.

Woodcutting/Firemaking - When you are going to tackle this, once again I suggest doing this together. obviously in the beginning you do not want to be burning willows and yews when you need the money, BUT if you work on logs and oaks, then you will build your firemaking up enough that when you have money and want to come back to this you will have no problem, so I highly suggest working on this with woodcutting to build up two stats at once.

General stat working and summary

Overall remember that you should be working on more than 1 stat in the beginning. Later on once you have money you can easily go back and work on other stats, but in the beginning you really need to focus on more than 1 stat at once. This will give you the most effective results, and help you the best. I will be making guides for each stat for 1-99 and the best methods to work on these, but for now I wanted to get something going, so overall just remember to take your time and have fun, but if you do more than 1 thing at once you will get the most effective results.


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