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SWTOR Jedi Knight Companions

Updated on January 5, 2013

SWTOR Jedi Knight Companion Kira Carsen

SWTOR Jedi Knight Companion Kira Carsen
SWTOR Jedi Knight Companion Kira Carsen

SWTOR Jedi Knight Companions

In SWTOR, the jedi knight is the class that must engage the enemies in close combat with dual wielding lightsabers. When on a one on one fight with most low level enemies or mobs, the jedi knight excels in slicing them to pieces. However, when engaged with many low level enemies or high level elite enemies, the jedi knight faces the potential dangers of being overwhelmed without any healing. To compensate for this, the jedi knight should bring companions into the battle with him. In SWTOR jedi knight class, the jedi knight companions are obtained very early on in the scifi MMORPG game and most notably at or around level 7. This will guide the jedi knight in getting the SWTOR jedi knight companions early on, and illustrate how to use them to maximize the effectiveness of the lightsaber fighting techniques of the jedi knight.

SWTOR Jedi Knight Companion T7-01

In SWTOR, the jedi knight companion T7-01 is obtained very early on in the game when the jedi knight is at or around level 3. The SWTOR jedi knight must travel to Kalikori Village in Tython (the training base and headquarters of the Jedi in the Old Republic Timeline) to deal with some high tech savages. The high tech savages, as the name so aptly suggests, have amassed a variety of high tech equipment, including T7-01. The SWTOR Jedi Knight releases T7-01 and brings T7-01 to his master, Orgus Din, who then repairs T7-01. T7-01 is reminiscent of none other then R2-D2, who produced the holocron of Princess Leia asking Luke Skywalker for help in Star Wars: A New Hope. The SWTOR jedi knight companion T7-01 is fully operational at the SWTOR jedi knight level 7, when the jedi knight must head to the Ancient Forge to rescue Orgus Din, who has been captured by the dark jedi knight Bengel Morr. The abilities of the jedi knight companion T7-01 are to heal the jedi knight and to electrify and stun the enemies, making it easier for the SWTOR jedi knight to defeat the enemies. The jedi knight companion T7-01 allows the jedi knight to tank up front as a most effective tank.

SWTOR Jedi Knight Companion Kira Carsen

In SWTOR, the jedi knight companion Kira Carsen will send any jedi knight's blood boiling. In the jedi vs sith philosophy where "passion leads to the dark side of the force", the jedi knight companion Kira Carsen might just do just that for the SWTOR jedi knight. The SWTOR jedi knight Kira Carsen is obtained after the Jedi Knight arrives in Coruscant, where the jedi knight must retrieve stolen plans and weapons relating to the Prison Star. The SWTOR jedi knight companion Kira Carsen is paired with the jedi knight at or around level 10 for this particular mission. Well, delighted to have Kira Carsen on board! Let's adventure and party forever!

In SWTOR, the jedi knight companion Kira Carsen allows the jedi knight to maximize his damage intensive lightsaber abilities, as Kira Carsen joins the jedi knight upfront to defeat the enemies. Similar to the jedi knight, Kira Carsen force jumps from the back of the battlefield to surprise attack the enemies and then tries to slice the enemies apart with her own lightsaber and a variety of jedi moves. Kira Carsen also makes witty remarks at various points in missions, bringing a great deal of humour to this great game. Kira Carsen, the jedi knight companion, is also a technology specialist.

In SWTOR, the jedi knight is given various options during conversations and action plans. These options will serve to bring the light side or the dark side of the force to the jedi knight. Similarly, the jedi knight can use these opportunities to enhance the jedi knight companions' affections. By building the jedi knight companions affection, and in this particular case (talking and paying attention to Kira Carsen), the jedi knight will be able to romance Kira Carsen eventually. Who cares about "Passion leads to the dark side of the force"...........

Jedi Knight Kira Carsen Romance


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