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SWTOR Use Low Level Abilities to Defeat Chieftain in Enemy Force Quest

Updated on April 11, 2012

SWTOR Use Low Level Jedi Knight Abilities in Quests on Tython

In SWTOR, the jedi knight must overcome many of the flesh raiders and tython droids on Tython to continue in the main quests for this class. These main quests include the high tech savages quest, and the enemy force quest. This will guide the low level jedi knight in using some of his early abilities to defeat these monsters to complete these main quests and move on to other planets.

SWTOR High Tech Savages Quest

The high tech savages quest is a simple main quest where the jedi knight must travel to flesh raider territory to find and get the key from the flesh raider warmaster. Defeat other low level flesh raiders to complete the bonus quest low tech methods. Use the map to find the cave that contains the flesh raider warmaster. Along the way to the camp, because the jedi knight cannot sneak, when approaching enemies, approach them one unit at a time so that the jedi knight will not be overwhelmed by too many flesh raiders all at once. Defeat the flesh raider warmaster (see below for tactics) to get the key to the tech cache. The tech cache area includes the jedi knight first companion T7-01. Next, either grab the tech loot for the Twi'lek village or sabotage the tech cache to gain some dark side points.

SWTOR Defeat Flesh Raider Chieftain in Enemy Force Quest

SWTOR Force Sweep Flesh Raider Chieftain and his minions in Enemy Force Quest
SWTOR Force Sweep Flesh Raider Chieftain and his minions in Enemy Force Quest

SWTOR Defeat Flesh Raider Chieftain in Enemy Force Quest

Master Orgus Din instructs the jedi knight to travel to the ruins of Kaleth to explore an ancient shrine in the enemy force quest. At the ancient shrine, the jedi knight will encounter a force sensitive Flesh Raider Chieftain. The flesh raider chieftain will summon more flesh raider ravages to assist him. To defeat the flesh raider chieftain, the low level jedi knight should employ the following abilities and tactics:

  • Before entering the combat against the flesh raider chieftain, engage Shii-Cho form and force might to increase combat damage.
  • Now when the flesh raider ravages join the chieftain to attack the jedi knight, use force sweep to damage and stun the flesh raider ravages collectively.
  • Concentrate on the minions flesh raider ravages first, and finish them off using a combination of strike and slash.
  • If the jedi knight's health is low, use medpacks to heal up.
  • Now focus on the flesh raider chieftain; again use a combination of strike and slash. Each strike will grant + 2 focus for the jedi knight. When enough focus is accumulated, launch force sweep on the flesh raider chieftain again.
  • When the jedi knight's training lightsaber hums a bright blue, this means the jedi knight has successfully parried the chieftain's attacks. Launch an unstoppable riposte attack on the flesh raider chieftain.
  • For this particular fight, saber ward would be helpful but not essential. Healing is more important, unless the jedi knight wants to create more riposte opportunities by using saber ward.

Using these tactics and low level abilities for the jedi knight, the flesh raider chieftain will be defeated.

SWTOR Find and Plant Devices

SWTOR find and plant one of the devices in the enemy force quest
SWTOR find and plant one of the devices in the enemy force quest

SWTOR Plant Devices in Ruins of Kalesh

The next stage in the enemy force quest sees the jedi knight heading to the ruins of Kalesh to plant devices. There are three sets of devices to place. There will be tython guardian droids standing guard before each of the devices. Use the map, and find the route of least resistance to the devices. Use the tactics and low level jedi knight abilities above to defeat the droids and activate the surveillance devices. Force jumping to attack the first droid is always very helpful. Finding and placing one of the devices will be tricky, as this device is rather relatively concealed at the top of a ramp in the ruins of Kalesh. Once all three devices are planted, head back to the Twi'lek village to complete the enemy force quest, level up and get higher level abilities for the jedi knight.


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