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Scariest Survival Horror Games Part 2

Updated on October 25, 2010

Horror games Part 2

This is my second part of the scariest survival horror games. This one will include a new franchise and a more popular one. Survival horror games can often be like mystery games while others have more of a shooting element. Nonetheless horror games can often have great ambiance and atmosphere. The way the lighting is portrayed can add to the scare factor. Music is also another major contributor to attempt to scare you. Sometimes the music will be there to add suspense or start when the action scenes follow you to bring up an intense feeling.Of course graphics always help to add to the feel and perhaps some unexpected surprises in the game to take you off your feet.

I am a big fan of horror games and I wish there was more of them. I like the ones that have the shooting elements, but also the ones that have an emphasis on solving puzzles and figuring out mysterious problems to the story. The music and sound effects astounds me in some of these games. It truly adds to the experience as a whole.

Dead Space

Dead space is a relatively new franchise(7th gen). It came out in fall 2008 and a sequal is going to follow it up after its success. This survival horror game is a 3rd person perspective set on a ship in space. On this ship something goes terribly wrong and horrific monsters are on it. This game is of course sci fi horror and you could relate to doom. The main difference here is that its from a third person perceptive and a new twist is added. On most games aiming for the aid is the number one choice,but on this game you must take a part there body parts. You must aim at specific parts of these creatures bodies to take them out(disembodiment). This adds to a new horror level where you can not just go shooting them in the head or one area as its not as effective.

This game has great graphics and the creatures were made truly terrifying . As you progress you are introduced with stronger enemies. You also go outside space and since theirs no sound in space you can only hear your breathing through the mask. This uneasy feeling knowing you could die if out to long or creatures could suddenly attack is frightening. The games design is also done quite well to add a horror atmosphere and the sounds of the enemies are done well. This franchise is expected with a sequel and who knows maybe even more after? Only time will tell for this survival horror shooter.

Resident Evil 1-3

The reason why I only said 1-3 is because resident evil has abandoned the original horror aspect and no longer is so much of a horror game. The resident evil series is still great, but lacks the horror suspense aspect of its original games. The first games are old, but were scary for there time and still scary today especially with headphones on. The new resident evils are more action orientated then horror.

The first Resident evil was one of the most successful playstation one games in the 90s. It introduced a very scary zombie experience. The beginning was a bit cheesy due to the actors, but the game itself was amazing for its time. It has also spawned a remake. The first game takes place in a mansion infested with zombies and the second and third take place in the city itself(raccoon city). There is a zombie outbreak and zombies are all over the city.

These games have amazing music and sound. Walking down the halls is always filled with suspense and you never know whats going to happen. Theirs that infamous scene in the first game where you see a zombie eating someone and it turns around. You need to kill it with a knife. These games take place in third person from camera perspectives similar to silent hill almost. The games are more of physical scares and not so much physiological like silent hill. Resident evil does have shooting in it, but this is not the main focus. You often must run away from some zombies. The first three were more of a mystery type of game with shooting elements needed for survival. There are many puzzles which you need to solve in order to advance.

For its time the graphics were good and the scary sounds and "pop up" moments can scare the hell out of you. Other than zombies there are also deformed creatures and things like mutant dogs that will attack you throughout the game. These games had such great suspense and sounds. The newer games are not like this except they do have better gun play of course. Resident Evil is one of the most influential zombie games and spawned 3 movies and a fourth is coming out. Resident Evil is definitely one of the scariest sounds coupled with its elements of music,visuals,sound, and overall atmosphere.

it would be nice if resident evil could go back to its old ways while still having good gun play. Sadly I think future installments will be mostly action oriented.


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