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Scariest Survival Horror Videogames Part 1

Updated on October 25, 2010

These are some of the scariest games created. Note this is not all the scariest games, but these are ones that were intended to scare you. I know there are some games that were not designed to scare you, but have some scary parts in it. These games were entirely built upon scaring the player. They have an amazing atmosphere and were made with the intention of having the scariest experience possible. Some of these were more physiological horror while others were physically scary such as monsters and such. All these have a lot of suspense for the build up.

Zombies, once were human until hell was unleashed
Zombies, once were human until hell was unleashed

Doom 3

When Doom 3 was released it was highly praised for its amazing graphics and its horror factor. I think this is one of the scariest first person shooters ever made. Many will agree on this. You are a space marine assigned on a research facility on the planet mars. Something goes horribly wrong and demons,zombies, and other monsters start to show up. This game has astounding atmosphere and ambiance. It is always dark and creatures often come out of nowhere! They can crawl through vents,shafts,under staircases, and virtually anywhere. Since its very dark you have to switch to your flash light often. The only thing many were disappointed with is that you could not have a flash slight attached to your gun to see. You always had to switch back and fourth. I do not know if this was done to increase the scare factor or what. This game is quite long and you will meet new enemies on your journey. There are people that get possessed and turn into zombies. Eventually you meet more dangerous enemies that try and kill you.

The games level design was ingenious. You will find yourself walking through long corridors and needing security card to get through other areas. You never know what your going to run into. A lot of demons will come from behind you. Theirs so many small places enemies can get you. It makes the game much scarier. Theirs also a lot of suspense such as when you are moving around and don't have a clue to when enemies are going to come to get you. It also has a nerve racking sounds to add to the ambiance. Doom 3 is definitely one of the greatest horror games created. Now wheres doom 4 at?


Silent Hill series

The next game is the silent hill series. This is another very scary game. Its not a shooter like doom 3 is, but a 3rd person perspective. Its survival horror of course. This game focuses more on physiological fear. The first 4 were the scariest cause after they were made them they switched companies and KONAMI no longer makes this franchise. Its kind of disappointing cause the newer games such as silent hill homecoming do not have the same fear.

The first game came out for the PlayStation and the following ones were on the ps2 and PC. Silent Hill is a town that has a bad past. The first, second, and third game take place in silent hill, but the fourth does not. A lot of people do not like Silent Hill 4 to be considered part of the franchise due to this.

The game has some of the scariest music and sound effects you will ever find on a video game. The environment's at times are also very creepy. There is tons of suspense in silent hill and you never know when an enemy is going to be around the corner. These are abnormal looking monsters. Not like doom 3, but its a possibly that the creatures you fight were once humans that lived in silent hill. If it was not for the music and sounds this game would not have the same effect.I mean it would still be scary, but the music/sounds bring it to a whole new level. You have a radio on 1-3 and it makes a loud noise when creatures are nearby. This is important cause without it on you would not know where they are. It kind of makes the game scarier with the radio, but it warns you. Some of the monsters on Silent Hill are iconic like the nurses. They are not in all the silent hills, but most. Then theirs pyramid head which was featured in the silent hill movie as well as the nurses.

You can get guns on the games, but not a whole lot of ammo. You have to find melee weapons to defend yourself as well. It does not involve nearly as much shooting like doom does. It does however, constantly try and scare you. The music like mentioned before can make you disturbed to the point where you do not even want to play it. Along with the deformed creatures that you encounter and strange people in Silent Hill.

There are some puzzles in the game and its sort of like a horror mystery. You often have to figure out where to go and locate keys. Its a mix of some action,puzzles, and suspense. Another thing that makes it scary is that when a siren goes off the whole world becomes corrupt and looks dark and decrepit. This only happens in one except there is a moment in silent hill 2 where the siren goes off. Silent Hill 3 and 4 took away the siren. The siren basically indicated that the world is going dark and will become corrupt with more dangerous creatures.

Silent Hill 4 is still very scary, but in this game you are trapped inside your apartment. You can not get out, but find holes which take you to places. This is how you get to and from your apartment. The apartment becomes a bit haunted and the possible reason is because the main character has pictures of Silent Hill in his apartment. A lot of obscure things happen such as the phone not working and nobody can hear him from outside. You basically go through a hole you find in your apartment and go to various places like a subway, prison, and more. The elements of Silent Hill are still here your just not in the town of silent hill itself.

The most interesting aspect that also adds to the horror is the camera angles. The game makes it choreographed so the gaming experience will frighten you. Some people may be turned off by the camera follow, but I think in this game it was done well. Add the camera angles, good graphics, creepy environments, sounds, music, and physiological horror, and this game will make you shit your pants!

This game is for anyone who loves horror except for people that may be to afraid. You can get used to the game, but if you quit playing and return it will be very scary once again. It barely loses its touch. I'm sad to see that another company makes them now. I hear there still good, but lack the atmosphere and ambiance of the first 4.

This is why Silent Hill goes down as one of the scariest games ever made. The music will disturb you. The sound and suspense will get into your head to the point where you go insane! No just kidding, but it is scary. The creatures are abnormal, and the environments themselves are very eerie specially the corrupted looking ones that are abnormal in appearance. The story and concept is strange and will compel you and possibly scare the hell out o you!



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    • David 470 profile image

      David 470 6 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

      Yeah, I heard about that game. I tried finding it in the stores, but could not find it.

      I guess all nintendo cares about is making kids games :( I actually just got a nintendo ds 7 months ago or so too.

    • profile image

      The gunman 6 years ago

      try this game : dementium the ward

      (doom3 meet silent hill) wow scary .

      you must try. but if you have nintendo ds.