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School Tycoon - Video Game Review

Updated on July 29, 2017


Ever wanted to run your own school? Then take control in School Tycoon. School Tycoon makes you the principal of your own school, leaving you in charge of setting up classrooms, hiring staff, adding entertainment and everything else needed to attract students to your school.

Game Play

School Tycoon has two ways to play: Challenge Mode and Instant Action, plus a tutorial. In Challenge Mode there are 24 challenges, each challenge harder than the next. The 24 challenges are broken into 3 difficulties: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. To beat all the challenges will require masterful planning of your school. After you fulfill the requirements of a challenge, a popup will appear asking if you want to end the challenge or keep playing. Keep playing is similar to Instant Action where you get to continue running your school.

In Instant Action there are no time constraints or limits. You have complete freedom to design the ultimate school in any of three settings: farmland, beach or city. Each has its own little quirks and difficulties. Should you decide you need help learning how to play then start with the tutorial. It offers lots of advice and lets you learn the basics step by step so you can soon be the best principal you can be.

Title Screen
Title Screen
Inside a school building
Inside a school building

Buildings and Staff

When you begin designing your school in School Tycoon, whether in Challenge Mode or Instant Action, you will notice only the first couple buildings will be able to be built. The more types of buildings you build, the more you will unlock until you unlock the biggest classrooms and other features possible. A locked building button will have a gray padlock on it telling you that you can’t build it. To find the requirements for a locked building simply move your mouse over the icon and it will tell you what’s needed.

Once you have built some buildings in the game, you need to make sure you hire staff to go along with them. There are many different types of staff including teachers, coaches, janitors, and cooks. All your staff cost money so it is a good idea to compare their skill level and their salary demands and strike a balance between the two. Teachers in School Tycoon, for instance, have three different characteristics. You can hire teachers with high strict ratings to limit rowdiness and goof balls, fun teachers to increase student happiness and skill levels to make them teach more efficiently. Striking a balance or going all out on any characteristic offers fun results and is ultimately up to you. Just mind the salary requirements underneath.

Cool Stuff

You can click on just about anything in the game. You can see inside of classrooms and the students learning inside. There is a 3D feel to doing so as you watch the students move. You can also create your own students if you so choose. Then there is clicking on individual students, which brings up options like expelling them, sending them to detention or the nurse’s office. There are also many other interesting options to be discovered in the game.

Tips for Success

1. Your students like attractions – Soda machines, fountains, entertainment, etc.

2. Natural Disasters cannot be turned off – Save often

3. The Newspaper offers more than stories – Check out the coupons for a helpful hand

4. Placing trashcans cause janitors to focus on cleaning that area better

5. Lend your janitors a hand simply by deleting a pathway and rebuilding it

School Tycoon Cheats

No game would be complete without cheats so here are some of the most common that I’ve found online. All are unverified by me but were found on IGN and other websites.

To enable cheat mode, simply type “iamacheater” ignoring any popups such as the newspaper or hot keys pressed.

· Increase your money:[Ctrl] + [Left Alt] + C

· Decrease your money: [Ctrl] + SHIFT+C

· Decrease Gamma: [Ctrl] + SHIFT + numeric pad -

· Increase Gamma: [Ctrl] + SHIFT + numeric pad +

· Instant Disasters: [Ctrl] + SHIFT + 0


School Tycoon is a fun game but its lasting appeal is not all that great. Once you have done everything there is to do, the game can get boring. The game does offer laughs and the 3D look inside of classrooms can be fun. The game will keep you entertained for many nights but long term play is probably unlikely. But if you are ever in the mood to run your own school, this is the game to try.

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    • N. Ramius profile imageAUTHOR

      N. Ramius 

      9 years ago

      Thanks. I've always considered the Tycoon series of games to be simpler versions to the better known Sim type games.

    • wannabwestern profile image

      Carolyn Augustine 

      9 years ago from Iowa

      Interesting, kind of a SimSchool for people who just can't get enough! Thumbs up. Welcome to HP!


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