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Beyond Good and Evil - Video Game Review

Updated on July 28, 2017


Created by Ubisoft, Beyond Good and Evil is a platformer that takes place on the planet Hillys where the people have been in a constant struggle with the DomZ – an unknown alien race who abducts people at night. The Alpha Sections who are tasked with guarding the people of Hillys always seem to arrive late and to fail in preventing the abductions.

After one such failure Jade becomes determined to investigate both the Alpha Sections and the DomZ to prevent more abductions and to protect the orphaned children she takes care of. Together with her friend the pig-man Pey'j, they set out to find the truth behind everything and in the process will change their world forever.

Beyond Good and Evil In Game Pictures

Title Screen
Title Screen
Jade [Left] and Pey'j [Right] holding a Pearl
Jade [Left] and Pey'j [Right] holding a Pearl

Game Play

You play as Jade who is assisted by Pey’j or as the game progresses Double H, an ex-Alpha Section soldier. The game starts with a cut scene followed by thrusting you immediately into battle. You get your first interaction with Alpha Sections and the DomZ in the first minutes of the game. Once the opening is over, the game goes into free mode where you have full control and can more or less begin exploring.

The game play in Beyond Good and Evil will alternate between controlling Jade and controlling your hovercraft. Jade carries a camera and a Dai-Jo staff. The staff will be your main weapon in the beginning and the camera an easy money maker. Taking pictures of each unique species whether monster, plant or even the orphans at your house earn you money. Later on you can obtain a radar to detect creatures you missed in an area. After you finish enough rolls of film, you'll receive a pearl, an essential item in the game.

M-Disks are very important as they are like your inventory including everything from your notes/mission objectives to being able to save your game. Fourteen in total, here is a list of all M-Disk Locations. There are two special M-Disks that unlock separate mini-games, which you can play.

Pearls are a black market currency, which is the only way to get upgrades for your hovercraft. They come from defeating bosses, certain caves and mini games. If you have a chance to get a pearl, go for it. There are 88 pearls but you'll only need 71 to finish the game unless you're after the M-Disk which unlocks the Pearl Mini-game. Here's a link to the Pearl Locations.

As you explore Hillys in your hovercraft you will enter caves where you'll race thieves who stole your money and find official races throughout the city. As Jade play people in various games of chance. There is a lot to do. However, don’t forget to work towards your mission objectives as you go. Most of the missions involved in Beyond Good and Evil require you using your camera to gather pictures of evidence of the conspiracy, especially as the game progresses and to whack anyone who attempts to stop you with your staff. Your missions will mostly involve your work with the underground resistance in seeking out the truth about the Alpha Sections, leading to a grand finale as you lead the people of Hillys to the truth. Good luck in unraveling the conspiracy.

Tips for Success

1. Don’t forget to take pictures of Pey’J and the orphans

2. Try to get the maps ASAP for each area you enter – can save you some time later on

3. The bonus M-Disks are just extras and not central to the game

4. Save every chance you get

5. There are more pearls than uses but collecting them all earns an M-Disk

6. Stock up on Starkos to replenish your health as you find them

Beyond Good and Evil - PC, PS2, XBox

Final Opinion

The game offers fluid graphics and solid game play with decent music. Beyond Good and Evil was made by Ubisoft under the same creator as the Rayman Series for Windows, X-box, Gamecube and the PS2. The game is solid, offering puzzles, mini games and lots of action. Taking pictures with your camera while dodging or fighting enemies to fulfill objectives is a unique aspect to Beyond Good and Evil.

There is really no downside to this game and appears to have been underrated. Have fun. And for those devotees wanting a sequel, one is in the works. But will it ever manifest? Only time will tell


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    • Chris Qu profile image

      Chris Qu 6 years ago

      God, I loved this game. It was shamefully overlooked. It's on the Xbox Live arcade in HD now too though, so hopefully more people will play it.