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Science Games for Kids

Updated on August 2, 2012

Science is one of those subjects that can be quite daunting for both adults and children. It has even been considered to be boring by some. As with most things in life if a person doesn’t have a passion or interest in a subject then there is little motivation to learn.

Fortunately in today’s society we have experienced some remarkable developments in technology and learning styles, providing many opportunities to interest your child in the wonderful world of science. There are many educational games and activities that are fun to participate in whilst providing stepping stones for your child to learn.

There are many ways to enjoy science for all ages and all budgets. If as an adult science wasn’t one of your favourite school subjects, you may find you change your mind as see for yourself the great learning tools available today.

Chemistry Kits

Children can participate in scientific activity within the home environment. There is usually a good variety of experiments that will teach the basic principles of chemistry. The chemistry kit is especially designed for some ‘hands on’ scientific work and will have all sorts of accessories included.

Biology board games

Board games are usually are great source of family entertainment. Biology board games will teach your child about nature, animals and the human species depending of which one you opt for.

The great thing about board games is you can design your own using some cardboard and coloured pens. Most children love making things and will take great pride in designing and creating their very own game.

Biology trivia

Trivia cards can be a fun way to learn and test your knowledge. Again you can make your own trivia cards on any subject you want to increase your knowledge or that of your child. It makes learning much more fun.

Jigsaw puzzles

The good old fashioned jigsaw puzzle cannot be ignored. Younger children usually love picture puzzles. There are many jigsaws displaying most of your child’s favourite animals. It’s a great way for your child to identify and learn about biology whilst having fun. For the more mature student you could try puzzles of the skeletal system. Jigsaw puzzles provide entertainment and help develop the fine motor skills, picture recognition and patience.


Another great way to for your child to learn is science bingo. It can be general science, biology, earth science or human science. This game can be fun to play or useful for revision purposes.

Anatomy Models

Anatomy models are fascinating creations that can be anything from the brain, eye to the heart. They are 4D structures that your child can observe from many different angles, pull pieces apart and put back together again.

Kid's Telescopes

Astronomy for kids is one of the fast growing areas for children to learn. There are kids telescopes designed for the ages of 3 years and up. With the advance of technology and competitive pricing there is a telescope to suit virtually everyone’s budget. Most of these are good value for money, portable and easy to use. What better way to learn about star constellations, the solar system and our wonderful universe.

Kid's Microscopes

These instruments offer your child a great way into the world of microscopy. It will open your child’s eyes to the world around them and help them learn how everything has a place in what we know as ‘life’. Your child may have a greater understanding of life forms and learning about the environment. If you’re not sure whether your child has an interest in microscopy you can always start out with a magnifying glass, these usually provide a good source of entertainment for young children.

Science Books

We are so lucky to have access to the most beautifully illustrated books. Children love books, especially looking at pictures. Children need around 1000 stories read to them before they start to learn to read. Stories about space and life on other planets may captivate the imagination of any young child.

Online Games

Today most households have a computer or laptop and if not you will find that libraries and schools certainly will. Our kids are brought up with computers and its second nature for them. There are many terrific websites that have the most amazing information for kids to read and also offer free science games that are usually geared towards learning.

As you can see there’s quite a few activities to get your child involved in that will encourage them to learn about science, whilst keeping them interested and motivated. Another really great thing is to take your child to a science museum or planetarium. These places provide entertainment for all ages.


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