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Sean Valjean's Review Table of Contents

Updated on November 16, 2014

So it turns out I've written a ton of these things so this should make my game reviews easier to access. Scrolling down my profile page can be tiresome so you can just scroll down this page instead. You're welcome.

Below are the links to every review I've written (in alphabetical order) and future reviews will be added immediately after they're published. Recurring features will also be added. This hub will be permanently displayed in my spotlighted hubs section as the 5th hub. If you're a regular reader (if so, thanks!), feel free to bookmark this page.


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      Alyssa 3 years ago

      Cool new games, i thought the Ps3 and the not seen xbox style of the wii is funny to see, with all the mootin wands and what not. I played RE5 the other day on my PC I liked the way it went back to the roots in a way with the ammo being more difficult to get, the problem i found with the game however was the fact you need to play with an NPC, obviously intended to have been played 2 players, also its not as dark for a horror series.3DS i might have to buy one, that games you reviewed tho i don't seem to be interested in except star fox! Both Castlevanias seen look pritty cool the graphics are nice to look at and the controls seem appropriate.Batman i didn't really see to much of so i guess to rely on what u reviewed i would respond that it seems i could play it with a couple friends or something. Looks like the graphics were decent and the controls as well.Donkey Kong seems ok, looks very much like the snes version to me with the barrels and the bananas with the 2d aspect, i would agree with you on the problem with the need to use the wii remote as a pointer instead of a controller but i suppose i could get used to it.And for the zelda game, holy shit wtf, that is some color stream hey? did they turn the contrast on the tv all the way up or what? some things look ok but it wasn't a very clear review more of a hint to what weapons and items there would be. not much else to say from me on that one.Anyway i like the vids, i wish the Videos produced by ScrewAttack as myself, honest and straight-forward. were compiled or would have a next button but w/e just have to push back every minute Also im glad to watch you at E3 rather then some of the nerds their that seem to have a bias opinion to video games like someone is watching over their shoulders. again thx AVGN.