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#2 List Of Top Ten Video-Game Icons

Updated on November 16, 2017

Round 2, FIGHT!

Here is the second list of the top ten iconic video-game characters, as always they are not in order from least to best, so enjoy!

#10, Ray-man. The first Ray-man game of any kind first came out in 1995, or so the almighty Wikipedia says. Ray-man is a rather strange character, while not possessing any arms, legs or neck he is somehow able to move his hands and feet still. So we will just knock it off as he is some sort of freak of nature. Weird, no appendages freak of nature.

#9, Crash Bandicoot. Starting his first debut in 1996. He's a psychotic looking orange animal with a passion for spinning and jean shorts. Crash has become a gaming icon over the years, while he may not be as big as some characters such as Super Mario or Master Chief there is a long line worth of fans who cannot wait for the next Crash Bandicoot game that is supposedly coming out in 2017 or 2018. I am hoping for no more Indiana Jones giant rock escape levels. I freakin' hate those..

#8, The Dovahkiin. Fus-Ro-Damn Dragons! The main protagonist of The Elder Scrolls Skyrim. The dragon slaying, ancient tongue shouting, Daedra stabbing, gold stealing, getting killed by a giant as soon as I enter the game cause I didn't know it could kill me in one hit, Savior of the World. Coming out in 2011 this game became an instant hit with nerds and geeks everywhere! The Dragonborn is a hero. Whether he be a magic spell caster, an archer, a heavy armor clad monster or one of those idiots who run around with a dagger, every being shakes at the sounds of his mighty yet maybe a dimwitted footsteps. Frostbite Spiders, Bandits, Assassins, Ancient Zombified Warriors, Evil Priests and so many more have been slain by this brave but maybe a little too greedy for his own good, Hero of The World!

#7, Dante. Coming out first in 2001 Dante was a tough SOB. A tough talking, pizza eating sword wielding and demon killing guy with a fondness for red trench coats. Dante is the son of a demon general named Sparda, using his vast amounts of weapons Dante is tasked with seeking vengeance on a bunch of demons for killing his mother. He has had a certain makeover in the last few years which many fans did not take a liking too, "Give us back the aweome Dante!" They cried and the old one was never heard from again. Hopefully.

#6, John Marston. Coming out in 2010 we got the most baddest man in the old west, well until he got gunned down anyways. On are journey through the wild lands of The West, we got to play as John Marston, an old outlaw now just trying to make amends for his past and live with his wife and son. Along the way we got to meet several people and kill alot of bandits, along are journey of the west many of us got very sad at the ending, now who am I going to take shots of whiskey with and go kill some cannibals with!?

#5, Lara Croft. How could anyone forget one of the first if not the first bodacious babes ever to come across the gaming screen. First coming out in 1996 and setting the world on fire, and boners. Apparently many kids got those when playing this game. And why not? Every man loves a woman with fine pointy bosoms. Maybe. One of the worlds greatest video game characters and antagonists. With her acrobatic skills, marksmanship and archaeologist skills she is set on finding out what the world has hidden.

#4, Ezio Auditore de Firenze. Ezio came out in 2009, while not the first assassin of the Assassins Creed franchise he is the most popular. Both the second and third game were based around him and his life, a rather flamboyant change of character as well. From the lady swooing fighter to the honorable and well mustached gentleman.

#3, Simon Belmont. How many whip jokes do you think I can make in this? First coming out in 1986 Castlevania became rather popular. Centered on the Belmont Clan, a clan of Vampire Hunters and their fight against the evil Count Dracula, or Alucard. Whatever you wanna call him. Axe throwing, monster whipping action is what you will find in this game. Even the sinister Medusa Heads are in this game, so good luck with that.

#2, Leon Kennedy. First coming out in 1996 Resident Evil has become one of the biggest Horror Game franchises in the world. With many memorable characters such as Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine and Ada Wong. But Leon Kennedy is what I shall be talking about today. Resident Evil 4 is considered one of the greatest games of all time, they got horror and zombies. What else could you need? Leon S. Kennedy is a U.S. agent, in RE4 he is sent to a urban area in search for the presidents daughter, why she is there I have no dang clue. He alone, well with some help, must survive the crazed villagers and find out what is really going on in the world.

#1, Commander Shepard. First coming out in 2007 Mass Effect was praised for its gameplay and numerous characters. Commander Shepard is the captain of a ship and crew, a soldier and he is first human Citadel Council Spectre. His job in Mass Effect 3 is to fight off the reapers. A race of synthetic robots bent on wiping out all life in the Solar System, while the ending of said third game was met poorly by gamers and reviewers Bioware and Co eventually sent out a DLC to try and make up for it.

Anyways thank you for reading my article, if you think that I should have put other characters or put them in a different slot please write down in the comments below. I hop you enjoyed my little top ten list here, goodbye and have an awesome day you bunch of weirdos!


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