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Should Children Play Call of Duty Black Ops 2?

Updated on January 17, 2018
Jack Stevenson3 profile image

Jack is a regular teen with a passion for video games. He has younger siblings and knows first-hand what occurs.

The limitations

No children should not be allowed to play this game. However saying that their is a fine line between children and teens. The children (5-10) don't need to be seeing, hearing, or even acknowledging the things that occur in this type of video game. The types of video games are violent. There is no other was to put it. The entire premise of the game is that you are shooting and killing things. Some are zombies, some are people. There really is no difference. If you take a young child and show them this crap it can seriously mess up the way they see things in the future. The children of tomorrow have no need to see the type of things that are found in games like Call Of Duty, or Far cry.

Fear-ful children

Some of the children that view the things that are found in games like Call of Duty Black Ops 2 (CODBO2) can suffer from fear, nightmares and other terrifying afflictions. These video games are one of the biggest causes of fear that is found in children. In my personal experience, these things can and will cause nightmares. However pretty much anything can cause nightmares in little children. But, COD is probably the best way to give a child nightmares or even night terrors. Then, they might sleep less, which can cause anger, irritableness, and much more and worse things that no one wants to see in their child. So, take my advice don't let them play until they're much older and able to handle the things that they will find in these video games.

The fears

This fear can be found from little children playing this game.
This fear can be found from little children playing this game. | Source

The children of tomorrow don't need to see the nasty things that come from these video games.

Anger That Leads To Rage

Some of the things that come from this game are anger. I have experienced it and it can make someone so mad that if they lose, they manage to destroy everything that is in the room. My brother even broke his remote! Trust me, this isn't fun. They will stop at nothing to manage to throw EVERYTHING. And when you're caught in the crossfire, you really want to get out of there as quickly as you can because they will throw things at you. Then, if they're rage continues, they can hurt themselves, their siblings, or eve you. and when that happens well then that is how you know that it is time to pull the plug on the game.



People have numerous addictions and one of the things that some people are addicted to are video games. I have had experience with this and have had to work super hard. Just to break out of what feels like an endless cycle of playing for hours on a virtual hobby. I could have spent the time with my family, or with my dog, or friends, there are hundreds of things that I could have done differently with at least a thousand hours that I have spent on farming simulator. But the problem still remains, how do you control this video game from eating the time away from their lives that they have worked hard for. The answer is simple, time limits. You can have set time increments that they are allowed to play for and then are forced to turn it off.

Additional issues that can come from the game

There are more issues that can come from playing games like these. Especially, if your little ones have tender little hearts. I know my sister sure does. The problem that arises is that the games have content that can be very scary for the little kids to view. I mean, the entire premise of the franchise is killing people in a war. Now, some of the little kids who are battle hardened, might be able to handle something like this but mose 8-10 year olds would probably get scared from the things that are viewed in a game like this. and in all honesty, it's not for them.

Now you tell me, should children be allowed to play Call of Duty Black Ops 2

Should we allow children to play Call of Duty Black Ops 2

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