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Simpsons Chess Set

Updated on March 18, 2011

The Simpsons Chess

There are a couple of different Simpsons Chess Sets available and this article will show you the best Simpsons Chess Sets and also about chess in general.  These chess sets are brilliant for children, teens and even adult Simpsons fans and will encourage children to play chess - a highly educational and intelligent game which is also fun, if you play properly.  People say chess is boring but it is not if you challenges, puzzles, thinking and also talking to other people.  You don't have to take it that seriously.  

Chess is a great game and the Simpsons chess sets will help get children playing a fun and educational game and playing against other people.  A perfect gift idea for this Christmas too!

Why You Should Play Chess / Why Chess is NOT Boring

Chess is NOT boring unlike lots of people seem to think and is a good, thought provoking, fun game to play against other people and socialise.

If you would like to find out why you should play chess read the following article:

Simpsons Chess Sets

Below this are the very best Simpsons Chess Sets available to buy and also the amazon links show you the very best latest prices on this fantastic chess sets!

Simpsons Chess Game Box
Simpsons Chess Game Box | Source
Simpons Chess Game Pieces and Board
Simpons Chess Game Pieces and Board | Source

Best Simpsons Chess Set

This is the best Simpsons' chess set and is very highly rated. (it has 5* on Amazon) With this chess set you get all the good things about normal chess plus a fun, collectible, chess set which will encourage you or whoever receives it to play chess.

The set comes in an attractive Simpson's box with a folding chess board and a complete set of pieces based on Simpsons characters.

These are the pieces:

  • Homer (King)
  • Marge (Queen)
  • Bart (Bishop)
  • Lisa (Rook)
  • Krusty the Clown (Knight)
  • Maggie (Pawn)

I really like this Simpsons Chess Game Set and think it brings the colourful and fun world of the Simpsons and the intellect and strategy together nicely making this a fun and educational set and also a great gift ideas for birthday's and Christmas.

There are also VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES of this chess set and it makes a very good collector's item and the pieces can be used for other things as well as chess.

Simpsons 3D Chess Set
Simpsons 3D Chess Set | Source

The Simpsons 3D Chess Set

To be honest, I would recommend The Simpsons Chess Game chess set above as it is cheaper and about as good, if not better than this chess set.

However this chess set is still a good choice and features some really nice Simpsons characters for the chess pieces and I think they are the same as the set above.

The main difference is the fact this board is just a plain chess board made from cardboard with yellow instead of white squares and "The Simpsons" written on it.

Both sets are good though and if this set is cheaper at a particular time, or the other is out of stock I would still recommend this Simpsons chess set.

Simpson's Chess

I hope you found this article useful and enjoy playing chess with the great Simpson's characters and enjoy checkmating Homer instead of a boring old king!

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