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Why Chess Is Boring / Why Chess Is Not Boring

Updated on October 16, 2010

Chess Is Boring

Chess is NOT boring unlike lots of people seem to think and is a good, thought provoking, fun game to play against other people and socialise.

I am not the biggest chess fan in the world myself but I still enjoy the occasional game of chess very much and probably play once or twice a month. You don't have to even take it very seriously, to enjoy chess, you just have to approach it with a positive or at least neutral attitude.

The only time chess is boring is if you are waiting for your opponent, however this when you should be thinking about your next move and also what your opponent will do next. If you get past that think a few moves in advance. If you don't or can't do that any longer then just think about something else and relax!

I also have a poll for you to take votes on whether chess is boring or not and will publish the results here, with a small summary but if it proves popular with a long article on another site and I will provide a link for the full overview!

An example of a fun chess set
An example of a fun chess set | Source

Fun Themed Chess Sets

There are also many fun themed chess sets around which make the game a little more entertaining and fun too!  Maybe you are a crazy Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or Simpsons fan, they all have fun themed chess sets based around them.

These themed sets are great as they provide a mix of fun and entertainment with the fun but also thought proving and educational game of chess.  As Hannah Montana would say "you get the best of both worlds!" (Note: I am not a Hannah Montana fan!)


Is Chess Boring or Is Chess Fun?

See results
Chess Pieces Picture Used Under License
Chess Pieces Picture Used Under License | Source

The Poll - Is Chess Boring or Fun?

If you look to your right now ladies and gentlemen you will say a poll/survey where you can vote whether you think:

  • Chess is a fun and an educational game
  • Chess is boring and only nerds play it
  • Chess can be boring but normally it is fun
  • Chess is amazing
  • Chess is OK
To be honest I would choose the options - "Chess is fun and an educational game" and "Chess can be boring but normally it is fun"

However no one should vote for chess is boring - although now I said that you will :) You have to understand even if chess is not your thing - which is perfectly fine, it is a good game and at the very least you should think it is OK!
That is enough waffling by me so GO ON GET VOTING!

After that carry on reading down the page!

Benefits of Playing Chess

  • Thought provoking
  • Educational
  • Socialise - playing and talking to others
  • Interesting
  • Intellectual game
  • Gets you thinking
  • Fun

Chess IS Not Boring

I hope you enjoyed reading this and even if chess is not your type of game, don't think it is just a "nerd's" game! Also remember if you give it a proper go it can be fun, even if you don't take it that seriously!

Some ways to make it more fun are:

  • Getting a fun and interesting themed chess set
  • Talking to others while playing
  • Making new friends
  • Thinking about strategies
  • Getting your brain thinking

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Thanks and please leave any relevant comments below and remember to vote in the poll!

Chess Is Boring

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    • profile image

      bert 7 years ago

      Chess is not boring, it is actually exciting if you understand chess tactics, chess strategy and endgames. The way to promote chess is to teach these people what these chess concepts are,so they will understand a grandmaster chess in progress. Based on experience, teach a kid well(not only the rules) on the many aspects of chess, 90 percent he/she will play for the rest of his/her life.

      Actual many of these aspects are easy to understand, such as put your rooks on open file to be effective. Anyway chess is great. Thousand books have been written about it.

      Here is good vs bad bishop