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Sims 3 Late Night | Saved By The Butler

Updated on November 22, 2010
Whilst vampires roam... baby Toodles sits in the middle of a crypt all alone.
Whilst vampires roam... baby Toodles sits in the middle of a crypt all alone. | Source

This is a Sims 3 Night Life expansion pack 'Let's Play'. It begins here.

As I continued to explore the new town of Bridgeport, Lily continued her spree of sim child endangerment by leaving Toodles in the middle of a Vampire crypt. I kid you not. For some reason, if you press the 'go home' option, Lily just dumps the kid and runs. To be honest, almost a month after release, the game still seems glitched at this point. The last time Lily and Toodles tried to go back to their apartment, they ended up standing in front of the elevator whilst their moodlets went to heck, just waiting to die. So I decided that it was time they moved out of Bridgeport proper and into one of the affluent suburbs over the bridge.

It was time to build a home for Lily and her baby, one where they could both be safe, one where the home owner's association did not forbid them from having an indoor / outdoor fish tank.

Lily and Toodle's new home boasts a bubble bar, a real bar in the bathroom (the best place to have a bar,) a dance floor and a hot tub. There's just one problem, by the time Lily gets Toodles settled enough to be able to go out (and by 'settled' I mean 'not half dead', half the bars and clubs are closed. In fact it takes longer for her to commute to the bars than she gets to stay there. Babysitters never seem to stay long enough to allow her to get a good rest and leave the house either.

At your service...
At your service...
Finally, a smile from Toodles...
Finally, a smile from Toodles...

Poor Lily. How ever will she become an acclaimed star if she never gets to leave the house? On the services menu, I found the answer to her problems. A butler. A steal at just 1,200 simoleons a week. Butler Bertram Plunkett, at your service. All he asks is that a bed be set aside for him to sleep. I oblige by carving out a small space in the kitchen just barely large enough for a door mouse to fit in, and that suits his needs admirably.

Toodles takes an immediate liking to Bertram. Finally, someone who comes and attends to her when she cries. This has been a changing day in her life.

With Toodles finally taken care of by someone who actually cares whether she lives or dies, Lily finally has the chance to take the world by storm and take the first steps towards realizing her dream as a mixologist. The road to celebrity might be hard, and she will probably be hunted and hounded and rejected along the way, but finally free of the shackles of her child, Lily takes her chance at life.


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