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Sims 3 Late Night | Worst Mother In The World

Updated on November 22, 2010
Dreamy McVampire makes a mother forget all about her baby.
Dreamy McVampire makes a mother forget all about her baby.

This is a 'let's play' style continuation of my first impressions of The Sims 3 Late Night expansion pack. By reading it you will not only hopefully be entertained, but you will also learn about the new features and content associated with the Late Night expansion pack. It's win, win, win!

Bridgeport is a big and exiting place and there are a bunch of features never seen in the Sims 3 before, like the ability to take the train places. Lily is pretty overwhelmed by this new world, but she harbors dreams of becoming a mixologist, and that means learning what the best drinks are and getting amongst the rich and famous. Therefore the first sensible thing to do seems to be to visit a bar with her toddler in tow.

Lily's first night out is fraught with danger and rejection. Whilst Toodles waits patiently outside in the reception area, under the stern eye of what may or may not be a vampire, but what is definitely an angry bouncer, Lily sneaks inside, briefly abandoning her daughter to experience the glamorous world of well dressed women vomiting iridescent green onto the carpet.

As Lily sneaks inside, I notice a strange red moodlet on Lily's bar and discover that she is being hunted by a Vampire. This evening just took a turn for the interesting. Unperturbed by the chance of being devoured by the creature, Lily greets her first vampire, a chap by the name of Beau Merrick. He replies with a charming 'Meepsan.' Lily starts flirting with him, but is unable to get very far in her seduction as she insists on wandering off to the bathroom or watching the piano player every five minutes. Beau is hungry, but he satiates his hunger with an apple rather than with Lily, which is kind of him.

Whilst her mother chats up the undead, Toddles McBitey crawls around under the feet of the drunk and evil, quite oblivious to the danger her mother has put her in. When Lily finally decides to check on her daughter, thinks take an immediate turn for the worst. She pees herself whilst her daughter screams because she's hungry and lonely, and other club goers walk around her with expressions of disdain whilst the bouncer lectures her about having snuck inside. By the time the pair arrive back home it is almost one in the morning and both their moodlets are on red.

The next day I thought it might be nice for Toodles and Lily to go on a train ride together, but either due to a glitch, or because children aren't allowed on trains (not sure which caused the issue) Lily simply dumped Toodles in the middle of the street and tried to go on without her. Lily is clearly not the overly maternal type. Every time she tries to abandon her child (without any interference from me, she seems to just want to get away from her kid as fast as possible) the game throws up an error, saying that a baby sitter must be called. So I choose the baby sitter option. Imagine my surprise when I then discover Toodles crying in the lobby of the apartment building, right next to two fountains, with no babysitter in sight. I sent Lily home immediately of course. She cuddled Toodles briefly, gave her a bottle, then went upstairs, leaving her kid still sitting in the lobby for anyone to steal.

You are warned by the world description that Bridgeport is a town for adult sims to enjoy the night life, but who knew that meant an entirely new level of sim child endangerment? If Toodles is to survive Bridgeport, she's going to have to grow up fast.

Click here to discover Toodles' fate, and read the next part of this Sims 3 let's play.


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