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Sims 3 World Adventures A Guide to Al Simhara

Updated on December 28, 2013
Al Simhara loading page
Al Simhara loading page | Source

Al Simhara, Egypt is a land of exploration, danger, and archeological thrills. Sims venturing to this rugged locale are sure to find excitement in exploring tombs or hunting for lost treasure within ancient structures such as the Great Pyramids or Temple of Queen Hatshepsut.

Al Simhara is the Egyptian tourist destination in the Sims 3 World Adventures expansion pack. Here, your Sims can explore hidden tombs within the Pyramids, learn the secret skill of snake charming and gather national recipes like Falafel and Shawarma.

Basic Gameplay

The basic gameplay of Al Simhara is very similar to the other two destinations in Sims 3 World Adventures – Shang Simla and Champs Les Sims. The number of days your Sims is allowed to stay in Al Simhara is dependent on his or her visa level. All Sims, by default, begin on Visa Level 0, allowing him or her 3 days of stay. By gaining visa points through completing quests, your Sims will then be able to advance to higher visa levels. Level 1 = 5 days; level 2 = 8 days and level 3 = 10 days. In addition, once your Sims has reached Visa Level 3, he or she can purchase a special visa license, which extends his or her stay to 12 days.

The numbers quoted in the previous paragraph are subject to changes. The lifetime reward “Prepared Traveller” and the purchase of a vacation home in the foreign destination can also extend the number of days your Sims is allowed to stay in that particular destination.

The cost of each trip is dependent on the number of Sims travelling and the number of days your Sims family is staying.

Al Simhara Base Camp
Al Simhara Base Camp | Source

Base Camp

Unless your Sims has purchased a holiday home, your Sims will automatically be dropped off at Base Camp – the default home location for your Sims. Al Simhara has the most rustic of all three tourist destinations. Everything is located out in the open and your Sims will be sleeping in tents. The base camp is also located outside of the central business district, meaning you’ll be spending quite some time traveling in between quests.

Basic Equipment

While all your Sims’ needs experience decay during gameplay, there are only 3 that you need to take care of when your Sims is on an adventure: energy, hunger and hygiene. Luckily, all equipment for these three needs can be purchased at the General Goods Merchant at the market.

Energy: This is the most important one to maintain. Unlike hygiene and to a minor extent, hunger, you cannot ignore your Sims’ energy bar for too long. Once your Sims’ energy is low, he or she will simply refuse to continue on with the quest. Should this occur when your Sims is stuck in a tomb with not enough space to set up a tent, then you may have to resort to leaving the vacation in order to rescue your Sims. So to replenish their energy, all your Sims need is a couple of hours of sleep in a pitched up tent. You can accomplish this at either the Base Camp or out in the open if he or she has their own tent. Sim Scouts’ Classic Camper costs $220 and Colesim 2br Edition Tent costs $2700.

Food: To maintain your Sims’ hunger level during an adventure, it is best to stock your Sims up with dried food. They will not go bad in your Sims’ inventory, unlike plated cooked food. Dried food exists in 3 qualities with differing costs. The quality of the dried food determines how filling the meal is and how long your Sims will have the “nice meal” moodlet.

Hygiene: While clearing rubbles and exploring dive caves, your Sims’ hygiene bar will plummet (though your Sims’ bladder level will remain unchanged). Your Sims can tolerate having no hygiene though his or her mood will suffer due to it. Otherwise, you can stock your Sims with a shower-in-the-can ($120). These will also help your Sims if he or she was accidentally burnt from a firetrap. It will quickly erase their “burnt” status.

Starting an Adventure

To start an adventure quest, simply direct your Sims to the Adventure Board at Base Camp. In Al Simhara, this is located right next to the row of tents. All adventures fall into three categories: gathering objects, talking to Sims and main adventures. For more information, please refer to the Shang Simla page.

Recovery Period

Once your Sims' vacation is over, he or she will be deposited back to the original neighborhood with a positive "vacation moodlet" that lasts for 48 hours. During this time period, your Sims will not be able to go on another vacation. This time period is reduced if your Sims has the adventurous trait.

For examples of the adventures available in Al Simhara, check out the following walkthroughs:

1st Relic Al Simhara Business Abroad

2nd and 3rd Relic The Tomb of the Desert Ocean


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