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Sims: Positive Effects of Video Games

Updated on May 2, 2011

Too much work and no play are not fun. That is why a lot of us have some video games that we love to play in our spare and sometimes in not so spare time. We feel good when we are playing, but afterwards when we are realizing how much time we spend in front of the monitor playing we got frustrated and angry on ourselves. But have you ever thought about the positive sides and the uses and lessons you can learn from a video game. Is there such things as positive effects of video games? I guess ther is!

The first time I came across example of positive effect of the video game was when my friend told me that she learnt to be patient studying for her course by playing Sims. I was surprised and even shocked. When asked how exactly she learned this feature from the game, she gave a clear reference to the Sims who are working on the skill level in the game.

She was associating herself with her sim, and while trying hard to gain different skills levels in the game she made the parallel to her life. She made it a habit to study much ahead of the exams and realized that any skill can be developed if one work on it hard and long enough.

So it is true that we are so engaged in the game so we can learn thing or two from it.

The following are the things that one can learn from the Sims games:

  1. Patience in Learning new things or obtaining new skills.

Remember how you need to make your Sim read on Cooking after work in order to succeed in a Cooking career. The same is in real life, you cannot success until you constantly doing what you chose to do as your profession. By actually doing you are getting better at your
trade. No buts, no ifs.

2. Time-management.

You can learn to manage time by playing Sims. Ever noticed how the Sim that spends night partying with the friends, will feel bad the whole day after and will be less likely to get a promotion. Isn’t it so true in the real life. You really need to manage your time in order to achieve the goals and aspiration just like your Sim in the game.

3. Balance.

In order to keep your Sim happy in the game you really need to try hard to strike a balance between the work and play. You will need to develop necessary skills for the job promotions, manage to keep in touch with your friends and provide sims with basic sleep, food and entertainment. The game is about the balance, life is also about balance.

There are other things that playing this game can teach you, like understanding your priorities and working hard on achieving your dreams. So playing computer games is not entirely waste of time and can be rather learning experience as there are some positive effects of video games. Just make sure that you are living you life and not just the simulation on your laptop screen.
Remember it is always about balance!


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