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Skyrim Bloodstone Chalice

Updated on July 1, 2012

Skyrim Bloodstone Chalice Quest

Skyrim Fill the Bloodstone Chalice with Redwater Den Bloodspring.
Skyrim Fill the Bloodstone Chalice with Redwater Den Bloodspring.

Skyrim Bloodstone Chalice Quest

In Skyrim, the hero must fill the Bloodstone Chalice with the blood red water of the Bloodspring at Redwater Den. Lord Harkon has tasked the hero with this quest following his triumphant return with his daughter from the Dimhollow Cavern. This will guide the hero on how to get to Redwater Den, and then navigate the dangers of Redwater Den to find the Redwater Spring to complete the bloodstone chalice quest.

Skyrim Get to Redwater Den and Enter Redwater Den

The hero speaks to Garan Marethi to learn of the Bloodstone Chalice. Follow Garan Marethi to the chalice and be told of the location of the Redwater Den. Switch to the map and note the location of the Redwater Den west of Riften. So go out of Castle Volkihar and fast travel to Riften.

From Riften, head in a generally westernly direction towards Redwater Den. Monsters here include bandits, frostbiste spiders and black wolves. The hero will know that he is traveling in the right direction as he passes by Fort Greenwall. Take this opportunity to defeat monsters using the life drain ability of the vampire lord. This will allow the hero to accumulate points which will eventually lead to the vampire lord perks being picked up.

Eventually, the hero will arrive at Redwater Den. There is redwater lookouts or guards in this region. Defeat them and enter the redwater den (which is underground). Speak to the redwater den doorman and promise him good behavior to enter. There is a dealer to the left of the hero as he walks in, and some people coughing in a smoke strewn room. Turn right and notice a gate at the end of the corridor. The hero can pick this lock. Once the lock is picked, the attendant and dealer will become aggressive and attack the hero. Defeat them and head past the previously locked door and downstairs in sneak mode. Attack the vampire with the vampire lord mode and get the redwater backrooms key.

Skyrim Explore Redwater Den

There is a body of a conjurer somewhere here. Search him for the telekinesis spell tomb. Now head deeper and explore Redwater Den. There is a vampire thrall at this early stage of Redwater Den here. His back is turned to th hero. Use the old fashioned sneak and backstab to defeat this thrall. Explore this part of Redwater Den and discover the book of the Aetheirum Wars. Read this to know the existence of the Ruins of Arknghamz. Past this vampire thrall in this area is a lever which when activated will cause a bridge to form.

Cross the bridge and explore Redwater Den more. The hero will enter a series of corridors and defeat some vampire thralls and skeletons. This area is filled with these monsters and chains and levers, which when activated will unlock more gates and doors. So the hero's actions are routine. Slay the monsters and open the doors and gates to head deeper into the den.

Eventually the hero will reach an altar. Two gates and paths are available right and left. Take the right path, and then turn left (before the locked gate) to go through a narrow passageway which will lead to a large cavern with a vampire fledgling and two death hounds in a cage. Be careful as the hero steps into the cavern, as there is a grating on the ground which will open if the hero steps into the center. This will drop the hero onto some spikes at the bottom. With the defeat of the vampire, the hero should go up some stairs in this cavern. Search this area for some treasure and a chain that will open the gates. Once the gates are opened, head through the first and then second gate to reach the penultimate chamber (after navigating some traps).

In the penultimate chamber, the main bosses are a master vampire (if the hero is not too high of a level) and Venarus Vulpin. A fledgling vampire is also present as their sidekick. If the hero has difficulty defeating them, it may be worthwhile using sneak bow attack on Venarus as the hero enters the chamber. The hero can then lure the enemies into the fire jet trap room and use the traps to help defeat the enemies. Switching to vampire lord mode will also help eliminate the vampires. Search the master vampire to get the Redwater Wellspring Key.

Look for a long corridor (in the chamber above) that ends with a door. The Redwater Wellspring key will unlock the door at the end of the corridor. This final chamber will contain the bloodspring water needed to fill the bloodstone chalice.

Skyrim Fill the Bloodstone Chalice with Tainted Blood

Just as the hero is attempting to fill the bloodstone chalice with the redwater spring water, Salonia Caelia and Stalf, two betrayers of the Court of Lord Harkon arrive to attack the hero. If the hero goes into vampire lord mode and use a follower like Lydia to tank him, then this fight is easy. A few attacks using life drain is all that is needed to defeat Salonia and Stalf. The demise of these vampires adds their blood to that of the bloodspring, resulting in the tainting of the blood of the ancient. The hero will get the ability tainted blood of the ancient. This allows the vampire drain spell to absorb magicka and stamina from victims for one day but health drain is reduced.

Now there is a path which will lead the hero back to the dealer (behind the counter). Search this area for loot and exit the counter by opening the locked door here from the inside. Leave the Redwater Den and travel back to Castle Volkihar to report the successful completion of the bloodstone chalice quest.

Lord Harkon will want the hero to embark on the next quest.


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