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Skyrim the Prophet Quest

Updated on July 1, 2012

Skyrim the Prophet Quest

Skyrim the Prophet Quest involves making Dexion Evicus the vampire hero's thrall so that he can decipher Serana's Elder Scroll.
Skyrim the Prophet Quest involves making Dexion Evicus the vampire hero's thrall so that he can decipher Serana's Elder Scroll.

Skyrim the Prophet Quest

In Skyrim, the prophet quest is initiated after the hero returns with the bloodspring water. Lord Harkon declares that the time of supremacy of the vampires over the sun is nigh, and the prophecy that vampires would no longer be weak against the sun would be fulfilled. Harkon gathers the Court at Castle Volkihar and states that there has been rumors of movement of a moth priest within the ranks of the vampire lords. The hero must find information about the moth priest around Skyrim and then hunt down the moth priest. This is the Prophet quest. This will guide the hero on how to find the moth priest and will provide tactics on how to defeat the enemies on route to finding the moth priest and also in defeating the moth priest.

Skyrim Speak to Carriage Drivers, Innkeepers and Scholars

To find information about the moth priest, the hero must speak to people around Skyrim. These people include carriage drivers, innkeepers and scholars or mages at the College of Winterhold. In the prophet quest, Serana the vampire can accompany the hero as a follower, so remember to invite her into your party before leaving Castle Volkihar.

For this particular hero, the information gathering was short and sweet. The hero leaves Castle Volkihar for Whiterun Stables and speaks to Bjorlam the carriage wagon driver. Bjorlam thinks the moth priest was sighted at Dragonsbridge village. So the hero asks Bjorlam for a ride to Solitude.

Skyrim Hunt Down the Moth Priest at Forebears' Holdout

From Solitude, head south all the way along the path to Dragonbridge. If the hero arrives at night, then even the Four Shields Tavern may be deserted. The hero would do well to ask the imperial soldier patrolling the streets about the moth priest. The hero will be informed that he saw the moth priest gather a contingent of armed men and they were heading south. Head south and discover that this contingent has been destroyed and the carriage carrying the moth priest has been smashed. Pick up a note from the dead guard lying on the ground and note that the moth priest has been abducted and taken to Forebears' Holdout. Open up the map and notice that Forebears' Holdout is not too far from the site of ambush. Make a move towards Forebears' Holdout.

Skyrim Forebears' Holdout Walkthrough

The hero must enter Forebears' Holdout and seek out the moth priest. The Forebears' Holdout walkthrough is quite simple assuming the hero uses his skills and tactics well.

To do this, first note and then approach the landing that is a short distance from the entrance of Forebears' Holdout. From this small landing, the hero can spy and make out a cylindrical structure beneath him and over on the other side of a fast moving stream. Use sneak and bow attack (need eagle eye to zoom in) to eliminate one of the dawnguards patrolling this structure. Two dawnguards and their dogs will appear at the landing to attack the hero. Use Serana to tank the hero and then strike out at the dawnguards using various skills, including double weapons attacks or vampire lord mode attacks depending on the hero's style. After this fight, go to the landing again and spot another dawnguard left at the cylindrical structure. Use sneak and bow attack to take him out too. This leaves only the armored troll left to defeat when the hero and Serana actually get there.

Move to the bridge on the left to cross the fast and slightly furious stream. Now sneak into the entrance of the structure and go into vampire lord mode. Use Serana to flank attack and distract the armored troll. Use life drain as the main weapon to attack the troll. If the troll gets too near the hero, use vampiric grip to flick the monster up into the air and away from the hero. Repeat this tactic until the troll is defeated.

Move on deeper into Forebears' Holdout and note Vanik the dawnguard standing beside another dawnguard next to a magical barrier. Sneak bow attack the dawnguard sidekick from far. Then use Serana to attack the dawnguards, and take this opportunity to switch to the vampire lord. Pelt the dawnguards with life drain and other vampire lord attacks until they are defeated.

Search the area around the magical barrier for treasure and the Weystone Focus, which can be picked up from the body of Malkus. Now head up to the control (Weystone Source) for the magical barrier and use the Weystone Focus to lower the magical barrier. Before doing this, go into sneak mode. Dexion Evicus the moth priest will be released. He is aggressive and will attack the hero; however, the hero is well hidden at this stage. Use sneak and bow attack on Dexion Evicus, and he will rush in to engage Serana first. Seize this opportunity (still in sneak mode) to go to the back of Dexion and attack him (whilst he is distracted). This will allow the hero to dodge the fire attacks of the moth priest, which can be lethal for any vampire.

With the defeat of the moth priest, Dexion is at the mercy of the hero vampire lord. Use the regular vampire spell Vampire's Seduction to make the moth priest obey the hero. Feed on Dexion Evicus to make him the hero's thrall. Command him to get to Castle Volkihar. Now return to the castle, report your success to Harkon and command the moth priest to decipher the Elder Scroll.

It's time to search for the Elder Scroll of Blood and fulfill the prophecy..........


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