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Call Of Duty Classic Xbox Live Arcade

Updated on August 28, 2010

A real gem

Call Of Duty classic is the first game that started this big franchise that is one of the most played and popular games today. It went to underground to more of a mainstream game. This of course brings along haters saying it is not realistic and all that mumbo jumbo. In the beginning call of duty seemed like a medal of honor game. It was quite similar, but has changed considerably since the first game. Call Of duty classic was released on the xbox live arcade late 2009 and it should also be available on PSN. This is an absolute steal for only 1200 points! Your getting a game that still has pretty good graphics even if they are not next generation. This game is also relatively long and is a great addition to have as your collection in the XBLA.

I think its great when Xbox Live releases games that are like full blown games. Its hard to really even consider this an arcade game. Of course the older a game gets regardless of what it looks like will be considered one eventually. Games like Gears of War may be an arcade game one day and will will have games even more technological. This is definitely worth the points cause you get achievements you can unlock and a decent length campaign.

The game play in the first game is technically still similar to call of duty games now except this takes place in World War 2. This is the historical era of the franchise. Modern Warfare games are not based on the historical events. The game basically has xbox 1 type graphics if you need something to compare it to. I was amazed at this game when I originally played it on the PC. I also loved when your were taking cover and could hear Germans firing down upon you. Even in this game there is still a lot of action. You play the campaign through three groups, the Americans,British, and finally Russians. Each will have a bit of a different experience then the last. The game has a health system which is no longer in use now. You need to get med packs to heal. Unlike the newer games where you have less health, but can recover within a few seconds if not shot again.

Call Of Duty 1

The game can be compared to Medal Of Honor to some degree. It takes place in World War 2 and has a similar game play style. You need to rely on cover a lot through the game. Your team mates will be with you on some parts of the game, but there are some "solo" type areas where your alone.  Again this will remind you of medal of honor. The campaign has some great moments especially when you get to Russia and are getting fired by all kinds of machine guns and are not even given a gun at first. There are a lot of moments when Germans will be firing MG42s upon you and you need to take them out. Sometimes there are snipers that need to be eliminated in order to advance. Its got some good world war 2 aspects such as bombing runs being fired upon you whilst you advance through a cow field with your team mates. Tanks may interlude and you need to acquire a panzerfaust and take them out.

This game has done a good job of recreating world war 2. The only thing that may feel strange are those solo moments when your a one man army. Your team mates will be with you a lot, but its up to you to complete certain objectives. The AI is quite brilliant and many enemies may get shot, but not be entirely dead and continue to shoot again. The audio in this game is astounding whether its the MG42s coming from the Germans or the team mates shooting and yelling out.

This is an absolute must buy for anyone looking for a great arcade game or world war 2 game.  I originally played this game on PC, but still got it for the xbox 360 arcade so i could have access to it easily.


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      7 years ago

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