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Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide

Updated on July 6, 2011
Starcraft II
Starcraft II

Starcraft 2 is the latest strategy guide by Blizzard Entertainment, creators of highly popular game titles such as Diablo, Warcraft and World of Warcraft. The original Starcraft game was released over 10 years ago and it's still one of the most played strategy games even today. It had one expansion (Brood War), but until now players had absolutely nothing new in the Starcraft universe.

All that is now changed with the all-new Starcraft II (SC2) game. The game features the same three races like in the original title: Terran, Protoss and Zerg. Each of the races has its own different units and buildings, and accordingly its strengths and weaknesses.

Even though many things remain the same in Starcraft 2, there are dozens if not hundreds of changes which make the game a lot better than the original Starcraft, and despite many players having 10+ years of gaming experience in SC most still don't do well in SC2.

As mentioned, SC2 has many unique features which differentiate it from Starcraft and Starcraft: Brood War. As such even veteran players need to re-learn the game again and figure out the best build orders, best unit counters, and map strategies.

That's why there are several PRO players who decided to spend countless days during Starcraft 2 beta to figure out the best tactics and strategies to defeat their opponents. Such knowledge previously only came by playing hundreds and hundreds of matches, but fortunately these guys thought they'd share their experiences with everyone so they know exactly what works in the game and what does not.

There are several groups of players who write their own Starcraft 2 strategy guides and so far I've found three. Each guide has its better and less better parts and not everyone is born to be able to write and easily teach others to play video games, which is why I got all three of these strategy guides, checked them out through and through and decided to share my insight with you for free.

Read on to see what I found out about these Starcraft strategy guides!

1. Shokz Starcraft 2 Mastery Guide

Shokz is the author of several other popular strategy/mastery guides so he really knows how to make a good guide. Shokz Starcraft 2 Mastery Guide contains pretty much everything you will ever need to know about SC2, and it just keeps getting updated constantly with better and better strategies. Keep reading for a more detailed list of contents.


  • Terran, Protoss and Zerg strategies
  • Micro/macroing tips
  • Best build orders included
  • Campaigns guide: Wings of Liberty (Terran), Heart of the Swarm (Zerg) and Legacy of the Void (Protoss)
  • Map editor tips
  • Video guides
  • Price: $37 one-time or $15+$10/month

Download Shokz Starcraft 2 Mastery Guide

1. Starcraft2Pros Strategy Guide

Star2Pros Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide contains almost as much information as Shokz guide reviewed above. It's all well presented and writte, unfortunately in my opinion it's not enough to beat the amazing quality of Shokz guide.


  • 1v1 and 2v2 Terran, Zerg and Protoss strategies
  • Starting build orders for every race
  • Tournament strategies
  • Contains replays and videos of strategies explained in the guide
  • Frequently updated
  • Price: $27

3. Starcraft 2 Training

Starcraft 2 Strategy Training by StrategyMasters is also an excellent SC2 guide but not as detailed and up-to-date as other two guides. To see what exactly it contains check below!


  • Lots of general strategy guides (defending your base, team matches, gas harvesting and mining, ...)
  • Terran, Zerg and Protoss race strategies included
  • Match replays and videos
  • User forums
  • Frequently updated
  • Price: $14,95 + $10/month

Which strategy guide is best then?

As aforementioned I recommend Shokz guide first and foremost: it's the most complete and most frequently updated SC2 strategy guide you will find. Star2Pros guide is an amazing alternative as well and if the author keeps up the good work it might take number one place some day, but not yet.

Starcraft 2 Strategy Training is currently lacking a bit content and lagging behing the other two guides. Hopefully it will soon be improved but until then shoot for Star2Pros or even better Shokz strategy guide.

If you don't agree with my reviews you can find more on, an authority site with several dozen reviewed guides for a variety of games.

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Starcraft 2 Cinematic Trailer

SC2 System Requirements

The following are the latest system requirements necessary to run Starcraft 2!

PC Specs:

PC Minimum System Requirements*:
OS: Windows® XP SP3/Windows Vista® SP1/Windows® 7 (With the latest Service Packs) with DirectX® 9.0c
CPU: 2.6 GHz Pentium® IV or equivalent AMD Athlon® processor
GPU: 128 MB PCIe NVIDIA® GeForce® 6600 GT /ATI Radeon® 9800 PRO video card or better
HDD: 12 GB available HD space
RAM: 1 GB RAM (1.5 GB required for Windows Vista®/Windows® 7 users)
DVD-ROM drive
Broadband connection
1024X720 minimum display resolution

PC Recommended System Requirements*:
OS: Windows Vista® SP1/Windows® 7 (With the latest Service Packs)
CPU: Dual Core 2.4Ghz Processor
GPU: 512 MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 GTX /ATI Radeon® HD 3870 or better

Macintosh Specs:

Mac Minimum System Requirements*:
OS: Mac® OS X 10.5.8, 10.6.2 or newer
CPU: Intel® Processor
GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600M GT /ATI Radeon® X1600 or better
HDD: 12 GB available HD space
RAM: 2 GB Ram
DVD-ROM drive
Broadband connection
1024X720 minimum display resolution

Mac Recommended System Requirements*:
OS: Intel® Core 2 Duo processor
RAM: 4 GB system RAM
GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® 9600M GT /ATI Radeon® HD 4670 or better

Starcraft 2 TV Commercial


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    eovery 7 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

    I can't wait to play this. I loved Starcraft. Thanks for the guides.

    Keep on hubbing!