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RC Modeling

Updated on July 23, 2013

Getting into RC Model Cars, Planes, Helicopters, Jets

If you are looking for a new hobby and are interested in finding out more about modelling, there are a number of things to consider. There are different types of modelling, including scale static replicas and dioramas, to make a miniature scene, right through to building your own model jet, complete with a gas turbine engine.

I'll start with a look at scale modelling where the modeller makes an authentic scale version of a full size aeroplane, helicopter, boat, truck, car, tank or other vehicle or building or figures. These models are designed to be admired, with great attention to detail to make sure that the model is a scaled down replica of the original. The modeller needs to refer to excellent source reference material to make sure that every detail is correct, in the design, colour and detailing. The model might be static or might be RC controlled. Other modellers might prefer diecast collecting where they collect diecast scale replicas and either store them or display them at enthusiasts' shows and exhibitions, often creating a diorama, or a miniature authentic scene to display their model in. Other modellers prefer to focus their attention on model railways, building the landscape and collecting and operating the trains.

Another type of modelling is RC. RC modellers might be interested in aeroplanes, cars, helicopters, trucks, boats, even model jets. There is a range of RC models to consider, powered by different mechanisms, including brushed or brushless electric motors to internal combustion engines to gas turbines, the most expensive of all. Starting out, you will need to learn about the transmitters to control the RC engine, the batteries, servos as well as how to fly. With RC aeroplanes, there are strict rules over flying hobby grade aeroplanes, jets and helicopters and you will need insurance and in the UK, you will need to get your BMFA A and B flying certificates from the British Model Flying Association. Contact a local RC flying club to find out more information before you start. You can also get lots of useful advice from many forums on the internet that will give you all the help and advice to get you started, such as RC Groups or RC Universe

When you want to start in modelling, you have choices to make as to whether you buy a new RC model or a secondhand one and where do you buy it from. If you're a novice, you are advised to go to your local model shop where you will be given a lot of advice on choosing the right model for your needs and you will learn some basic tips on maintenance (and you will know where the expert is when things go wrong). You will probably want to start with an ARTF model (almost ready to fly), but as you get more expert, you might want to buy your own plans and balsa wood and make your own models. You might want to buy a simulator first to practise flying virtually before you spend a lot of money on your model.

If you would like to know more about RC or scale modelling, there are a number of magazines, books and DVDs available that will give you the expert advice you will need to start out in the hobby, including the latest kit reviews, expert tips as well as details of club events and shows so that you can meet with other modelling enthusiasts to pursue your hobby. To save money on buying magazines, shop around for good subscription offers, rather than buying it from the newsagents each month.

F15 RC Jet Crashes

RC Rock Crawler


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    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 6 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Hello, favouriteperfume,

      you are very welcome. I told only the truth in my comments to you. Thanks for looking over my hubs too. Im glad to follow you and will be really happy to have YOU follow me.

      Have a wonderful day, Helen.


    • favouriteperfume profile image

      favouriteperfume 6 years ago from Malvern, UK

      Hi Kenneth

      Thank you for your lovely supportive comments. I'll be sure to have a look through your hubs later (just getting ready for work - I market RC hobby magazines, books and DVDs), busy fixing all the keywords for the websites today! Thanks for the follow!


    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 6 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      This captured my attention. LOVED this writing.

      Hello, favouriteperfume, on January 23, 2012,

      GREAT read! Amazing presentation. Informative and very helpful. Voted up and away for I love your writing style and I am now honored to FOLLOW you.

      Please keep up the great work and I Invite YOU to check out my hubs, that is if you need a good laugh.

      And I would love for you to be a follower. That would make my day. Highest Regards,

      Kenneth Avery,

      from Hamilton, a small (but proud) town in northwest Alabama that Norman Rockwell would have been happy to put on a magazine cover. Much Peace and Success to you!