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Stock Market Games for Android

Updated on June 13, 2011

Google Android Stock Market Game Apps

The following are a few stock market game apps for Android.  Stock market games are a great way to get into learning about stocks or pretend to play with money like the big financial investors investing millions of dollars into a single stock cause you know its going to pop soon.  Stock market games all provide the basic functionality of having the option to buy and sell different securities with virtual money and see how great of an investor you really would be.  Some games give you more of the finer detail options of buying, selling and trading stocks and other investments as well being able to short, trade on margin and other activities to increase the realism in the simulation.  Taking advantage of the social nature of mobile apps you can post your data as you accumulate virtual wealth and brag to the rest of the community about your prowess as an investor or just silently rise to the top and enjoy showing your friends and family that you do know what your talking about when you give them a stock tip based off your research.

If your new to the world of investing or want to teach your kids about money and the markets using one of the following apps is a great way to do so.

Stock Market Games - Logos and Screenshots

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Trade FieldsTrade Fields 2Trade Fields 3
Trade Fields
Trade Fields | Source
Trade Fields 2
Trade Fields 2
Trade Fields 3
Trade Fields 3

iStockManager - Trade Fields a Stock Market Game

iStockmanager the company that has partnered with TD Ameritrade to provide robust stock analysis and stock trading tools for mobile phones like Blackberry, Apple iPhone and Google Android has developed its own stock market investment game. Learn the intricacies of trading and then step up to real game with iStockmanager and TD ameritrade and invest for real after you play around with the stock market with a virtual currency option provided in Trade Fields. Share your successes with your friends in this social market simulator that provides you the experience of engaging with a real broker in a virtual game world but based off the real stock market.

Market Millionaire Android Stock Market Game

Market Millionaire also very popular as an iPhone Stock Market app has an android version that allows anyone with an Android based phone to join the Market Millionaire community of virtual stock investors. The multiplayer components of Market Millionaire are a strong part of this Stock Market game.While some games start you off with completely unreasonable amounts of money on the high end Market Millionaire gives you 100 grand and you got to make your millions on your own rather than starting off with 1 to 10 million you have to make the right buys and sell decisions to be a millionaire in this virtual stock market game. Here are a few of the core features highlighted by the developers of this trading game.

* Play against iPhone / Android users
* Real-time prices
* Over 10,000 stocks
* Search by company name or ticker

Anvestor a Different Trading and Investment Game

If you are interested in other kinds of potential investments like real estate and other large fixed assets and trading currency like forex but wished you could buy and sell with virtual currency then you should give Anvestor a try. It claims to be a massive multiplayer online game that is playable on android phones and other devices. You start with $5,000 US dollars and you can start to buy, trade assets like stocks like any other traditional stock market investment game, but if you decide you think you can make more trading property or other assets than this game is the one for you. Beat your friends to the first to a million selling any all asset classes through Anvestor ... well at least all of the things you wished you could buy :).

Favorite Android App

What is your favorite Andoird Stock Market Game Application

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    • shotter profile image

      shotter 6 years ago from Indonesia

      thanks, a good hub

    • Ms._Info profile image

      Ms._Info 6 years ago from New Jersey

      Thanks for sharing. These types of games are awesome because you can learn a lot about investing for real by playing and mastering these types of games.


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