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Gwen Stefani & her Sunshine Cuties!

Updated on January 19, 2014

Gwen Stefani

Since the beginning of Gwen Stefani's career, she's been ever changing, she has her own unique style and amazing talent that expands singing, her charismatic dancing also keeps fans excited to what she'll do next!

She's brought her fashion to a new level, and she's unlike other famous singers who also have ever changing fashion, from Cher's, Bob Mackie costumes, to Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, and the latest woman for fashion statements, Lady GaGa!

  • However, this isn't about Gwen's ever changing styles, but her latest inspiration, the Sunshine Cuties, perfume line of Harajuku! (Japan's most flamboyant, colorful and utterly amazing fashion district.)

I became interested in Harajuku a few years ago, but had not heard of these perfume doll's since the Harajuku style has made it to the USA as of late! Since my childhood with Hello Kitty, I've LOVED Japan's style, their women move with the grace of a butterfly, their petite physique have them as light as feathers on their feet! In fact Asian women in general are just amazingly small frames make them move with the ease of a butterfly! I've loved Geisha's since childhood and I'll never forget first seeing them in a Jerry Lewis movie "The Geisha Boy." I don't believe there's a Jerry Lewis movie I have NOT seen! (Now there could be another hub for me) :)

Gwen had a visit to Japan, and while in the Harajuku district of Japan, of course she would fall in love with the outrageous, colorful, vibrance and unique style of Harajuku attire! In a video I watched she said after her visit to Japan, and the Harajuku district she had a dream of making small Japanese Harajuku dolls that were actually perfume for kids! I truly believe she loves the kids, the fashion and I cannot see this woman growing old without the grace that dons the youth in her that keeps her vivacious and young!

Let's go on, to see her latest endeavor, which she is so happy about, you would think she's one of the kids herself! Here is her Sunshine Cuties, Harajuku Perfume Doll's (This is the Summer Collection.)


She has a cute little colorful swimsuit, as this is the Summer Collection, and her over-sized sunglasses, and her three little hair buns and a Hibiscus flower in her hair.

LOVE, like the other perfume dolls, each standing on a pedestal of their fragrance, are the lid to the actual perfume. They each have their own little personality, and while they're very colorful and have cute little faces and hair - each unique to it's own scent.

  • LOVE: Her scent is described as a fruity floral, with nectarine, passion fruit, lemon blossom, plumeria, osmanthus, rose, vanilla orchid, coconut water, sensual musk and sandalwood!

I've watched a few of the cute youtube video's featuring these perfumes and while they describe the scents, others have their own way of describing them. To me, coconut water doesn't have a smell or taste, but as we know, coconut certainly does! I thought it was quite cute when I seen a video of a little girl who had just gotten her summer set. If you buy the whole set together, it comes with a little beach cooler and a beach towel. The little girl describing them actually did a great job, and was certainly happy with her new summer collection. She said her mother had gotten her G (G will be up soon) but was purchased by her mom separately, and a smaller size, but came with a small head that slides open with the finger perfume, perfect to carry in a little purse!

I think if you are looking into a gift for any little girl who has collected Hello Kitty, or even The Littlest Petshop toys, Sunshine Cuties would be a great gift for the younger generation. Although it says ages 8-15, there are women of all ages that find these adorable and collect them as well! I've had my own Hello Kitty fixation since I was a kid, so I know first hand when a girl falls in love with these little "people" or animals, they tend to stick with a lot of us for a lifetime of memories and, yes, collecting!


Lil' Angel:
How cute this one is! As a grown woman who does still have a few of my Hello Kitty items, I think Lil' Angel would be my favorite. I have not smelled the scents at all, but if you're a collector of these things, they may never get used! I actually still have the perfume inside my Hello Kitty necklace pendant that is in excess of 40 years old! If you've viewed my blog on Wal-Mart, you'll see, still at this age I had a chance at Hello Kitty Headphones, and I DID NOT leave that store, despite the claw machine had wedged it's prong into the box and would not drop the box! Luckily the nice guy working the service desk got it out for me!
Let's get back to the cute Lil' Angel and how cute she is! I think the reason she holds a place in my child psyche :) is that she has on her 80's style sweat headband! But for me, I was a 60's child and it was "the in thing" to do is get one of dad's old ties to use as a headband. More of a fashion statement than anything! Kids! There's one in all of us.

  • Lil Angel: Her scent is citrus, lemon, mandarin, blackberry, pink rose, vanilla orchid, sampaquita, sugared patchouli, vanilla bean, skin musk and golden amber.

When I watched the little girl describe these scents she distinctly smelled the lemon, and then she said "It smells like an ocean wave crashing on rocks." I just wondered what and why she described it that way, and does it really HAVE a smell? It was cute, she was giving quite a grown up little review of what she thought they smelled like, and described each one! She is a little doll herself, although she never showed herself on camera! Just describing their clothing and scents!

If you're wondering the cost of these or are beginning to think of which little girl in your life (or woman:) who would like these or even one of them, be prepared to spend, as they say a pretty penny!


The one and only Sunshine Cutie Harajuku blonde! G, after Gwen Herself! Little Harajuku Gwen inspired! She's had several Harajuku looks since her visit and now the doll top perfumes!

G is cute with her little hair band and white flowers and cute little two piece suit, and like Gwen the ruby red lips and the under flip curl! Super cute! You might even be finding someone who wants just G if they are a big Gwen fan!

  • G: Her scent is described as a creamy musk, also with coconut water, and mandarin, bergamot, a white peach, heliotrope, tiare flower, orange flower, vanilla, tonka bean, skin musk and sandalwood.

Of course this one Gwen said in video that it was her favorite, and after all it's modeled after her, so I'm sure it's a scent she likes for herself! I read that Gwen even featured in the Japanese commercial with her Harajuku Girls style, a bit of hip-hop dance, and colors streaming everywhere, and of course the perfume dolls interact with her, and in her song she speaks in Japanese. But when I viewed one, the girl didn't look like her, so I don't know if it's her or not. Of course I could have seen the wrong video, but it certainly was cute and colorful!

Some of the ad's and video's I've watched on youtube actually have Japanese words then the meaning in English, which I think is pretty cute and thoughtful of the kids making them! And they are kids making them, as they talk during them, an of course show off which ones they have from 2010, and the Summer line as well! Kids are doing a great job at actually helping to promote these little cuties! (No, I'm not giving up on my Hello Kitty lol) :)


Baby is adorable! I like the cute little pink swimsuit and heard it described as raspberry hair-do with flowers embedded in her hair and is the "girly-girl" of the Harajuku Sunshine Cuties! She is adorable, and just the concept of perfume which has a top that is a doll.

While watching some of the video's on these, I was amazed at how happy the girls seem to be with these, one girl taking the dolls off and putting them on her fingers and having them talk, as if they were doing a little "girl get-together" chit chat! It was so cute! These little dolls standing on their perfume pedestals have the younger generation just beaming with imagination! Making more like finger puppet shows with them talking in different voices and talking about going down to the beach swimming and how pretty they smell! Their whole concept is the next big trend in little girl collectibles. It's so cute to know kids have something cute, and has a use, as well as keeping their imaginations flowing!

  • BABY: Baby's scent is described as is a dewish floral, hint of mandarin, wet neroli, sunflower, white poppy, living valencia, orange flower, jasmine, (Which most I have looked at say this and the musk are the promenite scent, musk, vetiver & birch woods.

School bags/back packs, coolers, key-chains, stickers, the beach towel as mentioned above, just overall are definitely the biggest and latest trend! I find them just so cute! I only know one little girl in my life who, if her Grandpa doesn't beat me to the punch will be getting either this set, or the winter set, I believe last years were "Snow Bunnies" and from what I saw of them they were very cute as well! Further updates on them when winter draws nearer!


There certainly couldn't be a completed set of anything as colorful as Harajuku fashion without MUSIC! The Harajuku Girls in Japan, set up their own little mini stage and choreograph their own moves to their own music! Not just Gwen's, although they do seem to love her song dedicated to them! (Please view the video at the bottom and see Gwen's look as well as the Japanese girls who are her backup dancers.) They're amazing! Gwen is ALL these Harajuku Girls needed to get them started to bring their color and variance not just to the the USA, but to the world!

This cutie (or Sunshine Cutie) is adorable with her little Japanese bun hair style, also with a hybiscus flower! The buns are almost set up like Japanamations large bow! MUSIC is so cute with her lil' striped suit and ready to be (as the little girl would have said) ready to go to the beach and smell the waves lol) Just so cute it makes me smile at how happy these little perfume dolls make the kids! I see some of the other older people, and companies on youtube actually doing giveaways! The kids who win are ecstatic, one would think Christmas had come early!

  • MUSIC: Her scent is described as a sensuous floral (I'm not a big fan of an 8 yr old caring what the word "sensuous" means! Call me old fashion but I think kids grow up too quick now - dressing up like Harajuku District Fashion I think, is pretty much, the older kids form of dress up!) also, the scent includes pear, Granny Smith apple, freesia, tiger orchid, jasmine, (Some of the older girls say this is the dominate smell for MUSIC,) honeysuckle, cashmere woods, creamy musk and precious woods.

Here are all 5 of the Perfume Pedestal Sunshine Cuties that are available for this summer! I would say, if you have a little girl, or even young teen in your house or family, expect that this might be something they are going to want in their collections! As we know, kids are always into the latest trends and always trying to keep up with each other. Like the little girl in the video she began to talk about them with her friend and wondered why her's was the smaller size than her friend! They realized then that they come in different sizes, but since her's was the smaller size, she got the little slide open perfume compact with hers! So she seemed to be fine with that, because she had something the other one did not! It was cute.

But this will be something to think about for your next gifting to the younger girl in your life! I will however, warn you now, they are NOT cheap! Each one I've heard can cost from $30. to $50. each if you purchase them separate, but if you buy the set, you're sure to get something special with it. One girl I seen, she had a colorful ball that held the dolls and had G right on top! But it would not fit onto her shelf. The girl who had the other set (with the small one and compact) she got the beach towel and little purple cooler, carry case! She said that the set all together cost $100. But then was so happy because of the extra items she got with them. Plus, they come in a very cute little box.

Where To Buy The Sunshine Cuties!

First I want to recommend that if you're going to buy them for a little girl in your life, it might be wise, first to make sure these are on the "want" list of items! While they are the cutting edge latest trend, some kids haven't even heard of them. Harajuku fashion and trend, is just hitting America as of the past year! Since even the small doll (it comes with the perfume head of G) is still around $30. you want to make sure it's going to be "THE" valued item, not the one that quickly goes to the back of the closet shelf or traded off! Kids! lol.

If they are something that the child you know might like, remember, they are a collectible set! If you cannot spring for the whole set, which is about $100. then maybe try and see if you can get other family members to either get one of the other ones, and or spring for the whole set! That way you could get the small size G with the little extra piece!

I don't suggest buying from a place, such as eBay, while the price might be more appealing, since eBay's change of rules, people are buying in bulk, either the cheap knock off, or the defectives! I've even known of refills that are NOT even the same scents! Remember too, kids are smart as a whip, they know when they got "it" and when they don't or quickly learn when they go to show it off to their friends!

I cannot list places to buy them, they run out too fast or say they don't have them. So if you'd like to buy them then please do a search for "Harajuku Lovers" +Sunshine Cuties.

The quotes find anything Harajuku, and the + sign adds onto "Harajuku Lovers." They are called boolean characters that help you find things with more than one word in search engines!

Sorry the video isn't available anymore. If you'd like to see it, it is at youtube. Although I was trying to both show it and the style as well as not take you outside of hubpages!

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  • Katharella profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Lost in America

    Hi Kristy, it was funny how I ran across them. Of course doing a search for something else. lol, but yeah they are cute, but since I wrote this I see their popularity going a little bit. I seen them on sale at Sephora's store, and the scent is to young teenish. They are cute I think for the size they're a bit pricey though. But then again all the most coveted items are lol. ttys :)

  • Kristy Babcock profile image

    Kristy Babcock 

    7 years ago

    I love Gwen Stefani. These perfumes were never intended to be marketed to little girls, but as with a lot of things these days little girls want what the older girls and women have and their mother's are more than happy oblige. I personally would never buy expensive perfumes for little girls. Just not my thing, but I would love them for myself! LOL.

  • Katharella profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Lost in America

    Hi Ak! Nice to see you! How's those paws? Good I hope! Yeah I used to like her music more, not to sure about her Harajuku theme's but she's making the kids happy so that's good too! :)

    Hi SusieQ, Oh, I guess I should put the links in on where to get them so you don't over pay! I didn't put them in because they're kinda pricey, and you never know which one they'll want! I watched a youtube video with a little girl who got the small one from her mom, and she liked it, until she realized her friend HAD THE SET! It's better just to get the set unless maybe now you could get her to a Macy's or Nordstroms just to see what scent she'd like best! They are cute. Most of the American girls like G because it's modeled after Gwen! Thanks for looking! I'll update where to buy! (maybe get a good price):)

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    How cute! I'm sure my granddaughter would love one. Maybe for Christmas...Thanks for sharing!

  • akirchner profile image

    Audrey Kirchner 

    8 years ago from Washington

    Neat Kath - love her music~

  • Katharella profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Lost in America

    Just like everything for kids, it's the latest trend! When I seen the prices I couldn't believe it! This area in Japan where the kids go to hang out, is just a fashion district. Kids really look up to Gwen Stefani. My son & his band actually hung out with her and her band in Detroit before she became popular. His band went on to have families but apparently she went on to make an icon of herself. She is a very talented and good singer, her latest music isn't my style either. These toys are just another thing to capitalize on! Thanks for lookin' :)

  • Hyphenbird profile image

    Brenda Barnes 

    8 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

    I am just amazed at the amount of "stuff" that is manufactured and that people love. But then, I am a minimalist. These look cute but I would never buy them. I like to look though. Thanks for providing me a window shopping trip. Hyph


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