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The Benefits Of A Magnetic Blackboard

Updated on August 29, 2009

A magnetic blackboard is a good investment for you if you are looking for a way to keep your important notes and messages in one place or if you are looking for a versatile board for your children to use during the course of their playtime activity.

The original chalkboards were made from black or dark grey slate stone and examples of these can be seen in a lot of period dramas such as Oliver Twist or any other film that has a school setting.

Chalkboards became more widely used in schools and colleges and were created by using large pieces of wood attached to the wall and painted with a black matt paint. Further advancements were made and soon schools and offices started using sheets of plastic that came on a rotating roller system. The colours were usually black or green. A lot of educational institutions still use this system, though a lot have progressed onto the use of whiteboards.

Magnetic Blackboard
Magnetic Blackboard

The magnetic chalkboard has become very popular because of its versatility. You can choose to quickly write notes on it using chalk, which can be easily wiped off using a chalkboard eraser or using a damp cloth.Otherwise you can attach little notes using small magnetic clamps or clips. These can come in all shapes and sizes.

A lot of people purchase a set of letters from the alphabet or sets of customized fruit, vegetables or even little animal designs.

Using magnetic alphabet clips can make the board into a fun and educational game for you to enjoy with your children.

A Retro Magnetic Blackboard For Your Kitchen

If you are looking for a fun magnetic chalkboard to leave notes on in your kitchen, you might like this retro board. It comes with two magnets included as well as chalk and hooks attached to the back to make it easy to fix to the wall.

Cafe De Paris Blackboard

If you are going for the Parisian style kitchen, you might like this French inspired Café De Paris magnetic chalkboard which also includes a handy clock. There are 6 bronze magnets in the style of fleur-de-lis as well as little pictures of different buildings found around Paris including the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Animal Inspired Magnetic Blackboards

Have a little bit of fun by buying a chalkboard in the style of your favourite animal for your home. They can be placed in your kitchen or other rooms in your house.

Magnetic Blackboard For Children

If you are looking for a multi-functional chalkboard for your children to use, take a look at the range offered by Melissa & Doug. They provide chalkboards, whiteboards and magnetic numbers and letters for children to learn while they play.


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