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The Best Gaming Keyboards in the Market

Updated on January 23, 2020
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Nyamweya is a Kenyan scholar who has done many years of research on a diversity of topics.

What is next to an option to a sleek mouse for any casual or competitive gamer? It is simple; it might be the latest version of Steel Series Apex 7, which is an adequate alternative to using a cursor movement device like a mouse. Apart from providing lag-free controls, many hi-tech keyboards are capable of offering ergonomic typing as well as smooth gameplay.

Whether the gaming keyboard utilizes a magnet or optical technology, there is a variety of input devices you could settle for at an impasse. However, it would help if you were thorough in examining the specs, warranty and quality so that you get something that will serve your needs well. Here is a brief overview of some of the best gaming keyboards you could buy this year, but first, a few highlights on how to find the best keyboard:

Hallmarking traits of a premium gaming keyboard

Like with any other tech device, it is quintessential for you to place particular attention to specific features. First, it would be reasonable to know the mechanism your keyboard employs to function and continue with that in mind. The subsequent step should be to examine the market reputation of the dealer, then progress to check the working mechanism, like the mechanical key switches.

It is only natural that you follow this act by checking the different types of key switches in the market, which are the Cherry MX. For instance, the type of switch the right keyboard needs to have to get an excellent mix of gaming and typing should be versatile, which means that it must have the perfect demonstrative bump, along with medium-actuation and an extensive silent travel feature.

The amplest gaming keyboard ought to have a few characteristics that set it apart from the rest. Among them should be single aspects such as:

  • Design- This entirely depends on your preferences and will most plausibly complement your style. Various dealers offer inexpensive options that work as well as a standard keyboard.
  • Compatibility- Whether your system can conjoin and work appropriately with your keyboard is of vital importance. It will determine your experience throughout. Focus on finding compatible keyboards from reputable retailers online or near you.
  • Wireless vs. wired- You can only have the best of one world, or sometimes of both. The function mechanisms of a wireless keyboard have more benefits in certain instances as do its wired counterpart and vice versa.

Last but not least, check the price. I know it might seem inconsequential, but trust me, it can save you from a lot. Attempt to purchase a keyboard that is within your budget and is still able to provide the quality service you need, be it typing or gaming.

  1. 1. Das keyboard x50Q

What more would you want in a keyboard that already has a Gamma Zulu mechanical switch together with a complete kit of Full N-Key Rollover? To top it all off, it has an ultra-quality aluminum frame plus top-of-the-roof RGB brightness. Plus, many retailers sell this gaming gadget at a reasonably fair tag price. Well, this is the typical image of this jaw-widening and awe-striking gaming keyboard. Even so, not all offers you come across will depict a desirable deal. As such, only go reputable credible dealers near you. Also, you can enter online and start browsing the vast internet for this one-of-a-kind gaming keyboard.

  1. 2. SteelSeries Apex 7

From the dedicated smart OLED retrospective design to the compacted and modest print, the grounds that warrant buying this device are near-endless. The extensively dynamic illumination per-key continues to widen the already-broad list. Its build is angelic and sleek. Besides, this gaming keyboard looks the part. It also has a broad and deep wrist pad to provide a much safer and less tiring surrounding. Before you purchase the product, however, you need to have this in mind that the product is mechanical and the prospect might require maintenance to achieve and extended longevity.

  1. 3. IOGear HVER Pro

This piece of gaming keyboard startles, at the very least, with not only the inexpensive price tag upon its side, but merely because it uses its mechanical switches. They exist in standard colors, which are predominantly Red and Brown. The later has a noticeable tactile bump and whenever you type, this can be felt. In addition to that, the keyboard fights back on pressing and when you actuate any particular key, it prevents bottom out while you type or play your favorite game. However, some parts are of the keyboard chassis are made of plastic, which makes it less durable for a keyboard its price range.

  1. 4. Razer Ornata

If you are on the hunt for a hybrid mecha-membrane gaming keyboard, then this is just the perfect keyboard for you. Although the market is endowed with an array of versatile keying devices, this, in particular, offers an experience like no other. Razer Ornata conjugated the best of both the mechanical and membrane world. These keyboards are mostly wired, come in a variety of different sizes, have completely programmable keys and an on-the-fly macro-recording as well as a magnetic wrist rest pad. Nonetheless, the price of this particular gadget is not clear, but the range it falls within is expected to be quite upfront and reasonable.

  1. 5. LOGITECH G413

A robust construct quality and a Precision Romer-G lighting system make this gaming keyboard to be among the very best this year. At an affordable price, you can get yourself this gaming keyboard or any other of its predecessors online. Here, the switch system used is somewhat reliable as well compared to the Cherry MX. What’s more, the keyboard employs an aluminum alloy body, which is ideal for a minimalist style on top of your desk. If you are wondering if there is more where this came from, then there is: and the best part is that they come at lower prices.


Your choice is not limited to this scope of peripheral devices alone since you can find other brands with equal or maybe better specs and service. Just remember that it all depends on your needs and the goals you have in mind. Competitive gamers, for instance, should consider purchasing a gaming keyboard that’s slightly unresponsive to get an entirely ideal experience while playing. A casual player, on the other hand, can settle for a more responsive keyboard that has undergone battle tests to have splendid gameplay. However, you have to possess a keenly sensitive sense of perception to discern between what an ultra-quality keyboard looks like and the features of a sub-par gaming keyboard.


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