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The Best Guns in Wii

Updated on August 25, 2013

Wii Guns

Ever since video games have been incepted, shooting games have been around. At the outset, there were popular shooting games such as Asteroids and Duck Hunt. Presently, Wii shooting games have elevated the genre to a whole new level. Although the Wii remote can serve as a gun for the aim and shoot games, it’s better to purchase a specialized Wii gun to make your game come alive.

There are multitudes of Wii shooters available on the market today. Likewise, there are a number of Wii guns which come in all shapes and sizes. However, there are a few of them which qualify as exceptionally good. Some of these amazing Wii guns are mentioned below:

Wii Perfect Shot Gun

This is a product by Nyko and features a one hand grip, which allows you to use other accessories like the Wii Nunchuk simultaneously. The Wii remote also gets locked in the Wii Perfect Shot Gun. The aiming sight of the Wii Perfect Shot Gun is pretty accurate and what’s more, the Wii Classic controller and the Nunchuk can be attached to it through the accessory pass-through port. The spring kick-back is another one of this gun’s features.

Wii Combat Shooter

The Wii Combat Shooter is designed to enhance your shooting experience. The Wii controller fits right on the top of the barrel of the Wii Combat Shooter and the sensor-bar provides you with a super accuracy. The Nunchuk fits into the handle as well. Furthermore, the barrel can be detached from the handle, which will allow you to play in a different shooter mode.

Wii Zapper with Link's Crossbow Training

The Wii Zapper is the original Wii gun by Nintendo and is probably the most popular Wii gun of all time. This Wii peripheral accommodates the Wii remote and the Nunchuk. The Nunchuk’s control stick allows you to control your movements while the Zapper’s aiming sight offers you deadly accuracy. Additionally, the Wii Zapper comes with Link Crossbow Training which hones your skills in shooting styles such as ranger shooting, target shooting, and defender shooting.

Wii Shot Gun

CTA Digital’s Wii Shot Gun has the looks of a real shot gun. You’ll only be able to differentiate it by its white plastic color. The Wii Nunchuk fits in the outer stock of the Wii Shot Gun whereas the Wii Remote locks in its top cradle.

More Wii Guns

Wii Crossbow Gun

Another one of CTA Digital’s product, the Crossbow Gun for Wii gives you the thrill of shooting virtual arrows with a laser guide aim. It’s designed perfectly and hence resembles the crossbows of the medieval era. The outer grip of the Wii Crossbow gun attaches to the Wii Nunchuk while the Wii Remote fits in its top cradle. For better accuracy, the Wii Crossbow gun comes with an infrared laser beam.

Magnum Gun Combo for Wii

This unique Wii gun from CTA fits comfortably in your palm and contains infrared laser beam under the barrels for an accuracy which makes your enemies run helter-skelter. The Magnum Gun Combo for Wii is designed for playing for a long time, as it features a great grip and is lightweight too. The Magnum Combo pack comes with two Infrared Laser guns, one in black while the other in silver.

Wii Game Blaster Light Gun

Dream Gear’s Game Blaster Light Gun for Wii is compatible with virtually all the Wii shooter games. The unique feature sets of this Wii gun includes a break-away design and a rotating barrel for better control of your shots. And besides, Wii Game Blaster Light Gun can be used by right handed as well as left handed players.

Wii Rumble Blaster

Wii Rumble Blaster is a Dream Gear product with a host of features. Some of them include a breakaway design to suit three kinds of game play, a vibrator which gets triggered off when you pull the trigger, and LED lights which flash when you are shooting. All these help in making shooter games more immersive. Additional features of this fantastic Wii gun include dual triggers and rubber grips for extra comfort.

SureShot Rifle w/North American Hunter Wii

The SureShot Rifle can be operated in three modes: Shotgun Mode, Blaster Mode and Sawed-Off Rifle Mode. This Wii accessory is ideal for Wii hunting games; although it works equally well with the shooters. The bundle comes with a plethora of weapons and hunting equipment as well.

Nintendo Wii Multifunction Gun

Get ready for Nintendo Wii Multifunction Gun which boasts of a lifelike cock and a movable outer grip which produces an authentic sound of loading. The gun also contains an accurate laser placed right under the barrel, which is powered by 2 AA batteries. The lightweight Nintendo Wii Multifunctional Gun is available in white and is compatible with the Wii Nuchuk and the Wii Remote.

Buzz Shot Gun

The Buzz Shot Gun takes you to the next stage of immersive gameplay. The gun’s aptly named Buzz Shot Gun since it vibrates when you pull the trigger. The Wii gun features a remarkable mold which makes it look like an authentic gun. Its colored white and its barrels and magazine tubes are interchangeable as well. So you can modify the gun to suit your gaming needs. The Wii remote fits on its top cradle while the Nunchuk attaches in its outer stock.

Wii shooting games can truly be a lot of fun. And with the outstanding motion sensing capabilities of the Wii gun, the immersive experience of shooter games can be taken to a brand new level.


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