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The Best Modern Warfare 3 (MW) Classes / Guns

Updated on November 24, 2011

In this article, we will discuss:

-The best guns for each class

-The best guns for each game mode

- The best overall class

-The best class for each game mode

- and why I chose these

Note: I am a high level, so some of the guns/perks I use require a higher level.

The Best Guns for Each Class

Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are effective on nearly every map in the game. They can help you take out enemies using shotguns from long range, snipers at close range, and light machine guns from nearly all ranges. The one issue assault rifles have in MW3 (Modern warfare 3) is their ability to deal with sub machine guns from nearly all ranges except super long range. In MW3, sub machine guns are most definitely overpowered, but since assault rifles are so popular, we will discuss them too.

Best Assault Rifles to Use:

  1. If you are just starting out, use the SCAR-L. It provides decent accuracy, good damage, and great range.
  2. If you are more of an intermediate player, try the TYPE 95, this gun is most definitely overpowered. It is three shot burst though, so be careful at close ranges.
  3. If you are an experienced player, without a doubt, use the ACR 6.8! Please! The gun has incredible accuracy, with almost no jump, and great damage. I would advise against any sort of sight on it since this will only increase gun jump.

Best Sub Machine Guns to Use

Ah, my favorite, the sub machine gun... Sub machine guns allow a player to move at very rapid paces, great for many game modes, they also allow in MW3 a lot more power than in previous Call of Duties. Depending on the gun, the accuracy can vary, but once you're locked on, they have no choice but to watch the kill cam...

  1. If you are just starting out, use the UMP 45. It provides great mobility, and accuracy to go along with killer damage. It does have a relatively low fire rate though.
  2. If you are an intermediate level player, I advise you use the PP90M1. This gun, dubbed the toilet paper gun because of it's clip, is incredible! it shoots super fast, which is why I would use the extended mags, and is very powerful.
  3. If you are an experienced player, it is very obvious that you should use the MP7. The gun has zero kick, and is overpowered, that paired with super mobility and fire rate give you a dominating gun.

Now, in my personal opinion (everyone is different, so don't go commenting about how you went 54 and 2 with a sniper, I understand it's possible but not likely.) snipers, shotguns, and light machine guns are not worth the time in this game. Quick-scoping is fun... but it is not worth it...

On to my favorite classes:

To use these classes you must be at least level 53, but that's only if you want to use them exactly. Variations can be made from every level.

Class One: Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, Domination, Capture the Flag,Team Defender

My class for these game modes goes as follows:

Primary: PP90M1 - Kick and extended mags

Secondary: Scorpion

Semtex, Concussion grenade

Slight of Hand Pro (dead silence is also very good due to a recent rise in turtle beaching, which allows people to hear you from long distance away through their gaming headsets, I really suggest you get one, it will improve your game rapidly...)

Quickdraw Pro

Stalker Pro (or steady aim)

and Support class with: UAV, Stealth Bomber, Escort Airdrop

Free for All, Headquarters Pro, Mercenary

Primary - PP90M1- extended mags and focus

Secondary - Scorpion

Semtex, concussion grenade

Extreme conditioning pro

Quickdraw pro

Steady aim pro

Support with same as above

Search and Destroy

Primary - ACR 6.8 extended mags, kick

Secondary - Javelin

Semtex, Concussion Grenade

Slight of Hand Pro

Quickdraw Pro

Stalker Pro

Support with low kill streak drop ins

Demolition and Sabotage

Primary - ACR 6.8 (same attachments as above)

Secondary - Scorpion

Semtex, Flash Grenade

Slight of hand pro

Quick draw pro

Stalker Pro

Support with counter UAV, Stealth Air Drop and Escort Airdrop


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    • profile image

      lIlIlII 5 years ago

      good review. smg's are powerful and in some cases overpowered but i prefer the p90 over the pp90m1 purely because of the quicker reload and massive clip. a good class for p90 would be

      p90 rapid fire plus ext mags profieciency attachments

      mp9 ext mags, fmg9 akimbo or smaw secondary.

      equipment semtex and any tactical (apart from concussion)

      scavenger pro

      hardline pro (or quickdraw pro)

      and either stalker pro or steady aim pro

      this class will literally give u tons of ammo a quick reload and only flaw of the p90 that i see is the range which is about as good as the pp90m1

    • profile image

      pakchu 6 years ago

      the gun i use is l118a with acog silencer and extended mags over kill with ump45 sleight of hand pro and stalker pro throwing knife for silent shots then everything else is put the way you like it