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The Fierce Angry Birds

Updated on July 23, 2011

The Plants and Zombies indeed gave computer games aficionados and users a wholesome form of entertainment for many months. Millions of people worldwide put up their own fight in staving off the zombies’ onslaught. The players relentlessly put their wit and grit to the hilt as they strategize their potent plants well to crush the feisty zombies and to avoid their character’s brains being mercilessly eaten. The Plants and Zombies offered a lot of puzzles and other ways for the users to enjoy the game with zest and gusto. The game was a phenomenal hit and people of all ages become very fond of the game if not addicted.

And taking the throne once held by Plant and Zombies is the Angry Birds, another wholesome game which now commands a mammoth following worldwide. Another milestone computer game, Angry Birds join the ranks of computer games that also took the world by storm during their time like the Counter Strike, Diablo II, Yuri’s Revenge, War Craft and Battle Realms.

The game provides the players the chance to free all the birds trapped inside the cages using a big slingshot and projectiles to advance into the next stage. But instead of hurling stones, different birds with special features were used for striking enemy targets, bricks, pile of wood and blocks ice en route to setting the birds free. There are also many obstacles and tricks in the game and you must find ways to take full advantage of the limited number of cannonball-like birds you have in the game which comes in four different colors and special powers. To activate the special powers of these birds you just press the right click of your mouse once you release them in thin air. The red ones are the most basic and best for hitting stone and bricks. The yellow ones’ which are best for wood can be activated to accelerate faster and can wreak havoc on wood. The blue ones can be activated to split into three little birds dealing greater damage on ice. The white ones can be activated to lay explosive eggs on a target. And last but definitely not the least are the black ones which can be strategically placed on the obstacles and can caused tremendous damage.

There are other more slugs once you unlock the different levels in the Angry Birds Rio version.

But why the game is thoroughly played and enjoyed by many people of all ages from all over the globe. Here are my points of view about the two versions of Angry Birds (the original version and Rio) and why it is so popular and addictive especially on the students (teenagers and young adults).

The platform of the game is user-friendly since anyone even the younger people can easily get the hang of the game. Just release your power-packed birds to pummel your adversaries and get rid of the obstacles to give your birds liberty.

The game is so tempting since your targets are spread out brilliantly giving you a free hand to crush the adversaries.

The game is so challenging. The different barriers and impediments may keep you guessing on what type of attack you are going to use for each stage of the game to rip through the defenses of your enemies and blockages that covers trapped birds.

There is no game over. You can play the game as long as you want or repeat a certain stage until you finally overcome it. Once you are stacked in a very complicated stage you have no choice but to endure many trial and errors in order to pull through. There is a buildup of eagerness on the part of the players that makes them glued to the computer monitors. The game itself is an enjoying puzzle but can pissed you off once you will not be able to free all of the birds after many attempts.

If you are familiar with the different laws of Physics you will easily get acquainted with the game easily. Like Gunbound, different factors such as trajectory, projectile, force, momentum, impact and acceleration may come into play in Angry Birds.

Once a player is already very familiar with the game expect him to repeat the game. This time he will aim for higher score and the much-coveted three stars rating for each stage.

Here are some tips and pointers to overcome the game:

If you want to turn the obstacles into a falling house of cards you must be able to know the weaknesses and strengths of your adversaries in the different stages offered in the game. Pounce on the weaknesses with pinpoint accuracy otherwise you will get ensnared at a certain stage of the game for a long time.

Use the different powers of your projectiles very well as each of them must deal great damage.

The things that will not kill you will make you strong. Strategize and use trial and error approach. Stay with the things that will keep you going while minimize making errors. Keep in mind that there are stages where you must be efficient with your targets to advance into the next stage or level.

Play with the angles and the amount of force you need in the game to enhance your accuracy on your targets.

That’s it for now for folks btw this is an entry to the cool Hubpages Contest.

Enjoy the game of Angry Birds but make it a point that you are not compromising your grades or work while you unleash those powerful slugs ala howitzer tank.


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