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Nintendo’s Penalty

Updated on October 13, 2014
by Nebulous81
by Nebulous81 | Source

There is always a sign that an upset dog will act out. It growls at anyone. It bites the owner. It destroys your home, other’s property, or other people. There is an indication that an upset dog will act out.


1) What company do you find has great quality but take does not fully take advantage of that quality?

Please comment below.

The Nintendo Penalty comes from Nintendo’s ability to believe in their products but the inability to see future trends as important as their beliefs. I buy games like Deus Ex for the Nintendo Wii U because it presents Nintendo a different side of video games. Deus Ex is not Mario, Zelda or Metroid. Deus Ex is a first person, futuristic, shooter and an adventure game.

Deus Ex is not on the Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo 64 or the Wii. This is the Nintendo Penalty. Games like Deus Ex, Grand Theft Auto, Dragon Age, Madden, any version, Ninja Gaiden, until this generation and other titles, did not come to a Nintendo console early on or did not come to a Nintendo console with a great quality.

Nintendo pays now for what they did not produce on previous consoles. Nintendo pays for games that come to their consoles but not of a stellar quality, from third party companies or even second party companies.

See this comment from Hideki Kamiya, a creator of Wonderful 101, for the Nintendo Wii U, at A game, from Platinum Games, a third party company, Hideki’s company, Bayonetta 2 is, so far, an exclusive for the Nintendo Wii U.

This comment indicates this may change. A Nintendo with only Nintendo content will fail. Third party companies and second party companies provide efforts that give different perspectives on gameplay, fun and entertainment for any console.

Nintendo needs this content as high quality, up to date and current as the generation permits.

The Wonderful 101, on Nintendo Wii U, is quality, unique and fun. Platinum Games creates a demonstration for the game and even brings the game to the Nintendo Wii U, only. How many people know about the Wonderful 101? The Nintendo Wii U is in this generation. It is here and there is nothing we can do but make the best of what is it presents.

The hope is third and second party companies use the console to its fullest impact, for the sake of video games overall. The hope is Nintendo permits second and third party companies in their future game endeavors and to take more stake in their new Nintendo console.

Without a doubt, Nintendo content plays better on Nintendo consoles. Nintendo can leave room for other companies to play their content on their consoles as well. To sum all of this up, here is a list of things Nintendo can do now and to prepare in the future for a video game console for all parties.

1) All Parties Can Embrace the Nintendo Wii U - Whether it is Madden, Assassin’s Creed or Wonderful 101, I did not see one Nintendo Wii U Gamepad in use, in- game, in an advertisement for third or second party content on the Nintendo Wii U, on television or the internet. Nintendo can advertise the Nintendo Wii U more. Put Wii U Gamepad on a pirate boat, a football field and a haunted city. Place the concept of the Nintendo Wii U into visual action in specific examples. Let people know what the Nintendo Wii U offers. Nintendo can strongly advertise other parties content and their own content on the Nintendo Wii U. The more aware people become of the Nintendo Wii U the better it will sell.

2) Nintendo Can Demonstrate All of Their Software- The Nintendo can create demonstrations and trials for every game they make on the Nintendo Wii U. A player can test a game before they purchase the game. The Wonderful 101 demonstration is beautiful. Players fight and jump over a vast landscape. By the end of the demonstration, you decide whether or not you want to purchase the Wonderful 101. That is only one example. Nintendo needs to do this for every game on the Nintendo Wii U, and special demonstrations in stores too.

3) Nintendo Can Create A Multiplayer Online Environment For All Of Their Games- A new Super Mario Brothers game is coming to the Nintendo Wii U. This new Super Mario Brothers game is not a multiplayer online game. It is possible to have a”living room experience” in any living room, anywhere around the world or just your living room. Zombi U is not a multiplayer online game. Nintendo players can be humans or zombis that battle online, if Nintendo and Ubisoft commit to the idea, especially in a Director’s cut. Why not create the video game environment to prepare for a multiplayer change in direction in your games?

4) Nintendo Can Create Better Bonds This Generation For a Future Console With The Right Stuff- Nintendo can bring third and second party franchises to their console, permit and encourage all companies to make and bring the best, most bountiful content to Nintendo Wii U. This can prepare Nintendo’s next generation console to take on better, evolutionary and a greater variety of content. It means Nintendo works their butt off, now, to make nice and sell content for their current console, and prepare all future content to sell on their console, in order to preserve a plentiful future.

In The End

The Nintendo Wii U is frustration. Between content that lacks features, lacks quality or lacks acknowledgment, that is not Nintendo specific content, Nintendo needs to right the Nintendo Wii U. Hideki Kamiya, Platinum Games, is upset. EA is upset. Ubisoft, once behind Nintendo, is upset. Nintendo’s first party content will sell. It is a guarantee. Second and third party content can excel and sell if Nintendo boosts the content to encourage more second and third party content on the console. Sell all the content, encourage high quality in all content and look to a bright and broad future, The Nintendo Wii U gets all the acknowledgment it can stand and Nintendo makes a future.


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    • W1totalk profile image

      W1totalk 4 years ago

      Thank you always Jmartin

    • jmartin1344 profile image

      jmartin1344 4 years ago from Royal Oak, Michigan

      I really like this article W1 - I have always loved Nintendo and I find my self trying to stay loyal, but it's difficult as they refuse to keep up with the times. You're right that their first party material will ALWAYS sell. They have to add to that, unless they're happy becoming a 'niche' market.

      I agree with a lot of your points - particularly the third party stuff, and also the idea of online gaming environments. In my opinion the Wii U functionality could allow them to innovate a very unique online gaming situation which gives abilities and unique experiences that the other consoles can't offer online. I'm not entirely sure what those might be, but I'm sure the geniuses at Nintendo could make it happen! That would be a big boost!

      Really awesome hub!

    • W1totalk profile image

      W1totalk 4 years ago

      Kamiya is mad. He did everything the Nintendo way and in the end Wonderful 101 will be for who decides to get it. I mean what if there is a Warrior's Mode or Gang mode, a multiplayer online option for players to save and define a city but also defend areas from local multiplayer "gangs" like Gangs of New York or the Warriors plus kind trash talk, chatter, on the MiiVerse and even use Art Academy art or skill to modify the city and gangs? It just seems like so much more can be done. There is still time too.

    • W1totalk profile image

      W1totalk 4 years ago

      If something's going to be a computer you should be able to upgrade it. If it's a game console, it should have an identity and be accessible to all. In the end, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft maybe need to create a limited combined console to identify the sign of the times. See what happens when the only console makers make one console together with a few games and then back to business as usual.

    • W1totalk profile image

      W1totalk 4 years ago

      They create their consoles with their passion in mind. That is fine. It's there choice just exactly what a Nintendo console does with all content that makes their system. It's just the idea of consoles, all of them will always have faults. That Sony one is faceless, in my opinion. Microsoft's seems is similar and really boths' end game is in question. They have no real first party content. No console simply exists to be heavily creative and can produce high quality second and third party content. You have to choose or purchase two consoles or three or some craziness, instead of creating a standard and leave it to consumers to pick one as a final standard, for the sake of games overall. I just don't want a console, like a computer with media hype, as the future of video game consoles. They can be more with creative direction. Nintendo can do it. Sega, Atari, or some other game corps can do it, not a Sony or Microsoft.

    • JohnGreasyGamer profile image

      John Roberts 4 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

      I've seen comments where Nintendo have said they want to get all their big titles out first before focussing on 3rd party content, whereas at E3 they said not long after the Wii U's release they'd fully support 3rd parties. I don't think Nintendo realise how much this kind of information means to their fans, and a lot of their info, which they assume will be taken with a pinch of salt, is not. The Wii U's been out for some time now and it really needs a kick in the backside if it hopes to so much as give Nintendo the fan-power to create future consoles, let alone compete with current ones, which is not its aim.

      In Nintendo's defence though it's none of our business what they decide to do. While yes, games on other consoles being on Wii U would be super, it's up to Nintendo to say if they want to bring even more fans to a console which they made out of passion rather than because they can't face to lose a battle that doesn't exist. I can appreciate Nintendo sticking to what they do best, and feel as though it's right if they don't want to hurt their sales or reputation with 3rd party games.

      I for one hope this changes though. If Nintendo are to keep making revolutionary consoles (this is the most innovative I've seen since the dawn of video games), they're going to have encourage and take on 2nd/3rd party support. If they don't, I fear we'll be seeing later Mario Kart games on the Playstation 5.

    • W1totalk profile image

      W1totalk 4 years ago

      You can get a Wii U too. Together, they are the price, or better, than one new Xbox. The games look really good. The MiiVerse is solid. The multiplayer can get better. It's just an overall great potential in the face of the console's lack of success. It's just a question of can Nintendo get away from only their content as important and accept a second and third party raise in content to make a more wholesome system. They have a Dungeons and Dragons four player brawler, its good, but they need like five more brawlers on the console just to make it a mainstay for the console. They need a broader more liberal quality perspective for Nintendo.

    • profile image

      rcorcutt 4 years ago

      It is really sad to see the lack of games with this console so far. I would own one if things weren't this way. I guess it is PS4 for me this Christmas. Thanks for the article.