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The Sims 3 Late Night Expansion Free Furniture

Updated on November 22, 2010
Arcade games!
Arcade games! | Source

In Part Three of this series, I quickly realize that the large fish tank wall would actually work quite well as a room divider, so I use it in a sensible way that doesn't render the entire apartment completely useless. Now I begin to decorate for my new family, and this is where I discover that Late Night comes with some excellent new content. (Aside from the massive fish tank, which makes me happy on the inside.)

Late Night Furniture and Build Content

There are two new beds in the Late Night expansion pack. One is a stylishly modern affair that I chose for Lily McBitey to enjoy her first sleepy time adventures in, the second is a Vampire Sanctum, you know, for vampires. Nobody is a vampire as yet, so we don't need that one yet either.

To my great joy, I then discover that there are a bunch of new kitchen counters. I have a weird relationship with kitchen counters in the Sims, I just love them. God knows why. There are four, that's right, four new types of kitchen counter in the game now. Hurrah. I weep tiny tears of digital kitchen joy.

So what else is new in the game? What else isn't new, there is so much new content included with The Sims 3 Late Night expansion pack that I'm actually going to stop whining about the Sims 3 store for five minutes, because you really do get enough 'free' content (if content you paid for can ever truly be considered to be free) to run around redesigning your sim homes until the cows come home. Even if you don't have cows. Let me give you a brief overview of all the content included that I came across:

There is also a new stove, three new sinks, a new coffee machine, a new refrigerator, two new overhead cabinets, two new toilets, three new mirrors, one new set of curtains, several new bathroom accents, a new clock, a new dresser, seventeen new types of light, four new couches, three new arm chairs, three coffee tables, six paintings, three arcade games (which are so awesome that I squealed with glee when I saw them), two dining room tables, three bars, one bookshelf, three dance floors, a couple of dart boards, shuffleboards, and of course, last, but in no way least, two new hot tubs for your sims to relax in.

From an additional 'buy mode' content P.O.V alone, the Sims 3 Late Night expansion pack is worth buying.


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