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The Sims 3 Late Night Expansion Pack Second Impressions

Updated on November 22, 2010
If you cannot modify the wall.. make a new wall!
If you cannot modify the wall.. make a new wall! | Source

To make life interesting for Lily McBitey (whose lifelong dream is to become a Master Mixologist,) I made her the the mother of a toddler. Why? Because I wanted to test just how child unfriendly Bridgeport really was, and because I wanted to see what happened when a kid grew up in the lap of decadence and luxury that only Bridgeport can offer.

Unlike other sim towns, where your sims will be able to choose lots in which to build their own homes or purchase pre-built homes on lovely sections, in The Sims 3 Late Night, your sims life in apartment buildings. We started off in Crescent Bay Pied a Terre in a studio apartment. Here we learned that building takes on new meaning, because you can no longer modify the outside of your home (building codes, you know.) Trash chutes and wall mailboxes take the place of trash cans and normal mailboxes, and though you can still knock on your neighbors door if you happen to be inside the building, if you're outside a building you don't live in, you use the callbox to call up and see if the sim you want to visit is receiving visitors.

At first glance, the apartment we've landed in is small and spare, but fairly stylish. Right away I noticed that the walls are paper thin, because you can hear the sound of televisions coming from other apartments. Ah the joys of living in a small box, stuffed together with strangers. Let's see what we can do to customize it to our own desires.

Building In Sims 3 Late Night | Sims 3 Fish Tank

The very first thing I did upon gaining control of the apartment was to push the boundaries of what could be done to change it. First I went to the build screen and selected windows. There are some stylish new windows that you get free with the expansion pack (more on the other additions to content later,) but what immediately got my attention was the aquarium that was sitting so innocently in the window section, entirely out of place.

Unfortunately, I wasn't actually able to embed the aquarium in the existing walls of my home, because the homeowners association had forbidden such things. (They'd even forbidden changing the style and placement of the outer windows, because they are terrible stick in the muds. Already I loathe them.) Eventually I just slapped a wall through the middle of the tiny apartment and enjoyed the sight of pretty fish. (Suffice to say, I used the 'motherlode' money cheat to achieve this goal so very quickly.)

It remains to be seen if the apartment will be livable with a fish tank taking up 50% of the available space, but here ends the second part of my first impressions, please continue on to Part Three for more insights into the wonderful world of The Sims 3 Late Night.


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