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Xbox Games Under $10

Updated on March 31, 2015

Under $10 at Amazon

With Christmas over with now, I'm sure a large number of you purchased some type of video game console for your child/children. I don't know how many times I been out in the stores and hear somebody complaining about the prices of the games themselves. I've always noticed how along with an upgraded gaming system, come an upgrade in the price for the games you play in them. And they can do this because they know you will buy them, or why bother even buy the console. Right? Well, like a lot of you out there, I also get some type of video game system each year it seems like. However, I refuse to buy pretty much anything at full price, ever. Especially not video games. This year, I purchased my boys a new Xbox 360, 250 GB for less than $200. Came with a new Splinter Cell game, 2 wireless controllers, and a headset. The benefits of being Ebay obsessed. I don't give up until I find something cheaper than cheap.

If you're struggling to provide the games your kids need to play on their system, there are many places that buy, sell, or trade used games. Nearly every game we have, unless it was on clearance brand new, has been bought used. The places that sell these will only buy these after inspecting them for scratches, and to make sure they're in working order. I've even asked to have them open it up so I could check it out myself. I can't tell you how many games I've bought for under $10, and some even under $5.

You don't have to look very hard to find pre-owned games. The same stores that sell brand new games, also have a pre-owned game program. Here are just a few that I've used.....

These are just to name a few, and also the more familiar ones. Another option I like is subscribing to an online game rental service. These are pretty neat because, like netflix, you pay one set price/month, and you get to pick which games you would like to rent, keep them as long as you like, and send it back to que the next game you want to try. If your kids are anything like mine, they will play some of their games until they beat them, and then they sit to collect dust after that. Check out Gamefly to see if this could be your option.

Always remember, whether it's video games, or anything really, you rarely ever have to buy something for full price. There is no shame in buying pre-owned, just shows how wise you are :).

Great Christian Game-My Kids Love It

Our family has had more fun with this game, and it quickly became one of their favorites. Their ages are 12, 10, and 9. The game is great for multiple things. It repeats scriptures with games like Jacobs Ladder, which plays Christian youth music. I love this because I started hearing my boys singing to those songs, having memorized them while playing whithout even realizing it. There is a Game Show part in it where you play Bible trivia, and it teaches about not being greedy with earnings, you can share with other players who have less or more. One of the aspects of this that I like is that it teaches about not taking more than you give, if the player keeps choosing to play instead of passing to the next player to give a chance for them to win, eventually they hit a button that causes the "Wrath of God" which shows different plagues and takes everything that player earned. My kids quickly learned when to pass play. If you're looking for a great educational game that instills, scripture, Bible knowledge, Christian music, valuable lessons, etc, I highly recommend this game. We play it often, and everyone really gets into it.


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