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Things to Take into Account during Battle in Call of Gods

Updated on April 22, 2011
Call of Gods gameplay
Call of Gods gameplay

I've only been playing Call of Gods for around a week, which I admit is decidedly one of the few games released by Aeria Games I had myself hooked up with. One of the key features in its gameplay is the battle interface employed.

Heroes In Battle

Heroes are available for hire in a tavern you can find in major cities of a region, in the case of beginners, Sanctaria. Each hero comes with his or her own degree of potential, a determinant of how much attribute points he or she could gain at every level, implying that the higher the potential of a hero, the more attribute points he or she may receive with every level up. Each hero also comes equipped with his or her own specialty, meaning the distribution of attribute points vary among heroes, as in the case of a hero whose specialty is agility, therefore he or she may gain more attribute points in this department. You can also raised your heroes' attributes by equipping them with equipment gained from battles and quests.

Tower of Truth

You are required to build the Tower of Truth in the beginning of the game, as this is where you can unlock and further upgrade any species of technology and magic you deem may be an advantage to you in battle.

Unlock and upgrade Royal Decree to raise the number of heroes you can hire into battle, in consequence improving your chances of winning. So far I've only managed to gather a somewhat formidable army commanded by six somewhat formidable heroes, each with their own specialties naturally.

Unlock and upgrade Klaxon Call to raise the number of units every hero can command in the battlefield by 15 units per level. This is especially important such that the commandable number of units determines the military strength of every hero in battle.

You may have to unlock and upgrade Imperial Expansion as well as construct and upgrade Dwellings in your castle in order to accommodate the rise in army size and strength.

Under the Magic category lists four unlockables, which are Honed Steel, Shield Wall, Boots of Haste and Divine Protection, each enhancing a certain attribute of a unit, in this case, attack, defense, agility and vitality respectively.


Units are accessible via Barracks in your castle, which you were required to build in the first place. Units include swordsman, archer, cavalier, monk, archangel, templar knight, marksman, paladin, oracle and seraph. The swordsman and templar knight are the footmen of your army, the archer and marksman deal long range attacks upon the enemy, the cavalier and paladin constituting calvary units in your arsenal, monk and oracle for magical offense, and lastly the archangel and seraph as flying units in your army. 

All units have their own strengths and infirmities; for instance, both long range (archer and marksman) and magic (monk and oracle) types deal onslaughts from afar upon enemy forces, though the downside to this is that both concentrate far less in Defense and Vitality than other units. Both calvary and flying units are accessible upon building a royal stable in your castle, and both traverse greater distances than other units in battle, hence giving them an edge over the enemy quickly. Archangel and I assume seraph are possibly the most formidable units in battle with the highest attributes at their disposal among other accessible units.

Things to note

It is vitally important to not only recruit infantry units such as the swordsman, cavalier and archangel, also long range units capable of backing them up such as the archer and monk so as to ensure success in battle


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