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This Is The Police Review - 5 Reasons Why You Should Play It

Updated on December 19, 2016

Welcome everyone to the second part of the, This Is The Police review - 5 Reasons Why You Should Play It. If you missed the first part of the This Is The Police review, just click the link. Let me waste no more time and describe why someone would want to play this real strategy video game.

1) Spot On Voice Acting

It is always a wonderful surprise and it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth at the same time experiencing something that good in a not triple A game. A wonderful surprise because it shows the developers cared about their game. Sound can make or break a game. And good voice acting especially when John St. John (voiced Duke Nukem) is involved can increase the quality and overall experience immensely. A bitter taste because when I compare it with the low voice acting quality of the expensive games, it makes me wonder how the hell can this be justified?Voice acting in This Is The Police is emotionally driven. It isnt plastic and the actors show that they actually care about their job.

2) Story Depth

When I started playing the game I didn’t expect it to have a good story. Maybe something of a moderate quality to act like a filler between the management sessions. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the story was mature enough to keep an adult gamer interested to see it to the end. It has enough depth with multiple characters making the story more and more interesting as the game progresses. It is a story that makes you want to play the game and the writers behind it weren’t fooling around.

3) Players Affect The Story Outcome

This Is The Police is a story driven game. Important decisions need to be made by the players very frequently and those decisions have always consequences. There aren’t good and bad outcomes. There are only bad and less bad results. And this is inevitable with a city like Freeburg, which is corrupt and rotten to its core. And most importantly the decisions the players make will affect the path the story will take.

4) Addictive

The gameplay is very simple. The players can learn how everything works very easily and fast. And with combination with the serious tone of the story and the player engagement I found myself always trying to find out what happens next. I was pushing forward just to see what was the next shitty situation Jack would find himself in.

5) Mature Game

This Is The Police isn’t a video game for children, that's unquestionable. It is one of those games made for adults. Simply because the creators of this video game take their inspiration from real life.Most of the vices a human could have, can be found in the game. Prostitution, alcohol, weapons, extortion, corruption, drugs, murders, kidnappings, and much more. It is presented not with a gory and unsettling way but through text and conceptual imagery.

That was it !!! 5 Reasons Why You Should Play This Is The Police. Now you can continue on the final part of this review on Hubpages '' This Is The Police Review - 5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid It'' . Or you can read the This Is The Police Review in all its glory at PsychosGamers. It's up to you. Have fun !!!

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