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This Is The Police Review

Updated on December 5, 2016

It was developed by Weappy Studio and published by EuroVideo Medien. Most of the worst byproducts a big city can produce can be found in this game. Organized crime, corruption, greed, selfishness, people who will do anything for money and power. Pretty much real life in a video game.

I will divide this review into 3 parts in order to make it reader friendly. The second part of this review is ''5 Reasons Why You Should Play This Is The Police'' and the third part will be ''5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid This Is The Police''

This Is The Police takes place in the fictional city of Freeburg during the '80s. The protagonist of the game is Jack Boyd. He is the city's police chief. A hard job with many responsibilities and the local organized crime lords and gangs make that job even harder. Jack is doing that job for many decades and he knows the city inside out. He is close to retirement but this job is all he has. He doesnt want to quit just yet. Even when he will retire what he is supposed to do?

The game begins with Jack arriving to his office so he can start working. Unfortunately the mayor pays him a visit announcing Jack, he will be forced to retirement whether he likes it or not. He has 180 days before that happens and all he has to do is sit like a good obedient doggy and get his nice retirement. Of course all hell breaks loose since Jack isnt the silent type. He will speak his mind no matter what. After some thought he decides if he cant avoid retirement it's going to happen according to his terms. He decides he wants 500,000 $ as a retirement fund.

So he makes some phone calls , he pulls some strings and some side jobs become available to him or the player if you want. Being a police officer in a city like Freeburg isn't very easy as I have said before. And Jack isnt an angel. He must have bent the law more than once for the greater good. He wants to do his job but this damned city isnt allowing him to do it by the book. Corruption is everywhere, even in the police force, and it affects everyone, directly or indirectly. Jack is trying very much to stay true on the path of justice. But the situations he finds himself in force him to choose the lesser evil.

Part of the game is the everyday routine of a police officer. Keeping the streets safe, preventing crime or diffusing bad situations. Players when they begin playing the game, after the intro cinematic, they are introduced to a big map of the city. They can see the officers available for the day and they can order them to respond to the calls the department receives. If the officers have enough experience, they will do their job in perfection. If they dont have enough experience then there is a high probability someone will die or the offender will escape. If they dont answer to the call at ALL, then most of the times the offender escapes and there is a dead victim. Also there is a time limit for players to respond to the calls. If they dont respond in a 10 to 30 seconds then it fails, with dire consequences. Every call they get has a severity situation, which affects the end result. So the players have to assess the severity and send the appropriate number of officers. Send too few

and they will ask for back up. Send too many and there wont be enough officers left to send to other calls. So some management skills are required.

This Is The Police is a story driven video game. The story unveils piece by piece. The basic objective of the game is to collect 500,000 $ and then to clean up the city from as many criminals as possible. There are so many antagonists in the story. So many people are hungry for power and want to have a big piece of the city pie. Some are more ambitious than others. Some are more cunning, treacherous, violent, greedy and corrupt than others. And everybody are up against the poor Jack Boyd.

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That's it for now. There is a much more detailed version. You can visit PsychosGamers for the full This Is The Police Review.

Or you can continue reading on Hubpages by visiting ''5 Reasons Why You Should Play This Is The Police'' and the third part will be ''5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid This Is The Police''

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© 2016 MasterPsycho

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