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Three Things You Should Know About Just Cause 3

Updated on November 12, 2014

Rico Rodriguez, action hero extraordinaire, returns once again. This time it is personal, this time we have to save his home nation of Medici. When the fictional Mediterranean island nation was conquered by General Di Ravello in when Rico was young, he was forced to flee for his life. When Ravello crushes the last stronghold of the rebellion, he not only proclaims his victory, but turns and threatens the entire world.

Rico must put a stop to his fiendish master plans, and given the last time we had put an end to fiendish master plans it resulted in fighting a dictator while riding nuclear weapons, this is going to be good. How good, well here are three things you should know about Just Cause 3.

1: It's Single Player Only, with No Microtransactions

Just Cause 2 gained a whole new life with the release of the Just Cause 2 Multiplayer mod. Extremely fun, the mod gained so much popularity it saw official release by Square Enix on Steam. With such a massive success and interest in multiplayer it seemed inevitable that Just Cause 3 would have multiplayer.

Avalanche Studios liked the Multiplayer mod, pledging to continue to support the modders in its development. Focus for development of Just Cause 3 will be on creating the single player sandbox adventure that fans of the series have come to expect.

Recent rumors of Just Cause 3 going to be a free to play game and have microtransactions were also blown to pieces by Avalanche studios. Just cause 3 will be a full boxed release on current generation systems (PS4, Xbox One, PC).

2: Just Cause 3 is being Streamlined

There you are, carefully sneaking through an enemy military base. You've carefully rigged all the fuel tanks with C4 when you eye a jet that absolutely has to go only to discover you are out of C4. Just Cause 3 will has done away with this scenario with infinite C4.

Streamlining of Just Cause 3 doesn't end with explosions many of the games aging systems are being overhauled to make reeking havoc on a tyrant all the more fluid. Grappling will now partially auto target the nearest item when you are aiming. When traveling at 200 MPS on the back of a jet, hooking that helicopter will no longer require hours of training and split second timing. More practically you'll be able to hit buildings and cars with greater ease.

3: World Has More Depth To It

Just Cause series has been no stranger to canyons and mountains, but previous games only gave the player one level to work on. Using the power of current generation consoles (Xbox One, PS4, PC) Just Cause 3's world will have explore able caves, underground bases, and cliff sides galore. Medici is not a flat nation.

Depth doesn't end with aesthetic eye pleasing. Destruction of military bases, statues, and all structures owned by General Di Ravello, is not just to fill a meter to unlock the next story mission, nor does the rebellion sit on its behind awaiting the next cinematic to appear as if they're doing any rebelling. As buildings fall, propaganda machines are destroyed, the rebels march into towns to take them back for the people. This is not a cosmetic change ether, rebels will now bring you vehicles you save with them and help you throw off the military of by General Di Ravello after one of your particularly bold destructive rampages.

Just Cause 3 is shaping up to be yet another fun action romp from Avalanche Studios. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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