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Toddler Baseball Sets

Updated on January 17, 2011

Finding toddler baseball sets is my next step in choosing some sports related toys for my 20 month old daughter to help her build coordination, learn to play slightly more organized games, and get active. For more toddler sports ideas, check out my toddler basketball sets hub.

I'm drawn to teeball sets as a setup to baseball skills mostly because my daughter seems to love swinging sticks around, especially at things she isn't supposed to hit. I'd love to channel that into giving her something to play with that allows her to actually get her desire to hit stuff with other stuff out without having to tell her no all the time. Most of the toddler sets I've found are definately outdoor toys due to the unpredicatble ball flying and swinging stuff angle, but I suppose at this age most of it may work in a larger kid safe room too. I'm keeping it outside, myself, since no space in my apartment counts as "large" when a little girl is swinging a big stick.

Choosing The Right Baseball Set For Your Toddler Or Baby

One of the first things to consider when you choose a baseball or tee-ball set for your toddler is whether or not they will be able to use it comfortably right away or grow into it later. I saw a wide range of age choices for toddler tee-ball stuff, and personally worry that some of the sets made for older toddlers will end up being too tall for my daughter, since they are designed for an older child.

I'd also be worried about an older toddler growing out of some of the younger tee-ball sets too soon.  Specifically, the sets designed for young babies look like they'd be great for a child who's just barely learned to walk but may not be a good fit for a toddler once they're past 2 or so.  (At a little over one and a half, some of those baby sets already look a little too short to be fun for my daughter, though they might be better for her to play with when an adult isn't helping and encouraging her to set the ball up).

Building an interest in sports like baseball early in life can help your toddler grow into an active kid.
Building an interest in sports like baseball early in life can help your toddler grow into an active kid. | Source

For the sets geared toward older toddlers that grow a bit with the child, I'd wait to see if my daughter were interested enough in baseball as a play activity at 2-3 to justify the expense, especially for the batting clinic set on the bottom.  My little brother would have loved something like that in the preschool to kindergarten range and grown into using it, but I would have ignored it completely as a child.


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