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Top 10 Best Android games of all time

Updated on June 27, 2013

Congratulations for finally grabbing a new Android-capable mobile phone! However, your search for a hassle-free and more satisfying mobile experience should not end here. Why not fill your new handheld device with a variety of apps and games? Mobile phones nowadays serve not just as mere tools for communication like several years ago. They are also considered as primary sources of entertainment especially outdoors where you simply can sit right to a game console or PC and play with your favorite digital games.

The only problem is that hundreds of Android games are released every month. Installing all of them is an ideal move but it’s basically not possible. You are limited to at most ten games since you still need some space on your phone’s memory for videos, photos, and other important files. Don’t you have any clue as to which of the many Android game titles available today are truly worth grabbing? Read through this list of the Top 10 Best Android games of all time to clear all your doubts and finally end up with a set of Android games that can boost your mobile phone’s entertainment value.

Fruit Ninja is undeniably the best Android game if you want to distress or simply want to crush anything out of anger. Android aficionados with anger management problem should consider installing this highly popular game. The rules in this game are simple. Slice every fruit in the screen while avoiding bombs and grabbing power-ups which can either slow down falling fruits or drastically increase their number. Hitting a number of fruits in one blow gives you combo bonuses. Although it’s a mindless game, many are currently hooked to Fruit Ninja as it can turn any dull afternoon into hours of enjoyable slicing and ninja action!

PROS: addictive gameplay, easy controls

CONS: a bit laggy on some mobile phones

Just when we thought every possible game genre has been explored, Men’s room mayhem for Android was released. At first, various mobile game enthusiasts were hesitant to try it out simply because of its out-of-this-world theme. Nevertheless, they eventually realized the fun and excitement involved in managing a male restroom. It’s certainly not as easy as it seems. Of course, you earn fabulous prizes when you get the job done. If not, your wonderful lavatory will turn into a filthy brawl which is the last thing anyone who embraced this kind of job would want to happen. This game also features humorous graphic contents which can help you deal with stress and might be enough to brighten up days that started out rough.

PROS: unique and funny theme, great cartoon graphics

CONS: offensive for some, not appealing for the ladies

Before you download Fast & Furious 6: The Game, be reminded that it is not a racing game. There’s a very big difference between professional racing and drag racing. In this racing game designed for Android-capable devices, steering cars is out of the picture. What you need to do is pump up your vehicle’s speed, shift, boost, and outrun enemies. This Android game managed to gather a considerable amount of audience even just a few days after it was released not just because it is based from a successful movie but mainly due to its great content, intriguing story, and overall racing game experience you won’t find elsewhere.

PROS: thrilling,features a wide-array of cars, good graphics

CONS: lacks several customization features present on other mobile phone car games

Even the developer behind Can Knockdown was surprised as to how Android users warmly welcomed their game. Millions across the globe already downloaded it and their number seems to increase every time a new installment of this game series is released. Can Knockdown 3 still offers the same intense and highly addictive gameplay like its predecessors but with better graphical contents, audio, and special effects. New features and modes are also added making the game more exciting and enjoyable. This Android game is one of the few in the market today which is very easy to learn but hard to master. It brings you back to the old times where a bunch of cans and a baseball are all we need to have a fun-filled weekend with childhood friends.

PROS: simple and effective gameplay, challenging, great special effects

CONS: not a good choice for mobile game enthusiasts who long for intense action and a sophisticated game plot

Total recoil is a shooting game for Android where your main goal is to eliminate enemy soldiers, turrets, tanks, planes, and buildings. Though it may seem a heroic act but the truth is you’re only doing so to collect coins and upgrade your weapons. Sounds simple and boring right? But don’t belittle this game since its straightforward gameplay is backed up with colorful graphical contents, impressive animation, and a bit of humor. Those who are fond with mindless war games will instantly fall in love with Total Recoil. It’s a perfect Android game to deal with boredom while waiting for the bus or travelling.

PROS: Cool graphics, addictive gameplay

CONS: stages are a bit too easy, lacks a number of features needed to have a complete war shooting game

Are you among the billions of Star Wars fanatics across the globe? Don’t miss the chance to play a Zelda-like game through your Android-capable phone featuring your favorite Star Wars characters and environments you once witnessed and loved in the big screen. This game will take you to an adventure filled with exciting and heroic moments. But just because it features block-style graphics does not mean Lego Star Wars is easy. You need to face various challenging stages and strong foes as you start your journey towards being the hero the whole galaxy has long waited for. Will you become the legendary Jedi you are destined to be or end up being consumed by the dark side?

PROS: a great game for Star Wars fanatics, excellent graphics

CONS: lacks a twist in its plot

Tired of all the cartoonish games installed on your Android-capable mobile phone? Say goodbye to everyday dull moments by installing Arma Tactics HD, a hyper-realistic first-person shooter packed with stunning special effects and heart-pumping battle scenarios. Through this war Android game, you can enjoy hours of realistic shooting game action without spending hundreds of dollars to purchase the latest game consoles or PC graphic upgrades. The best part of all is that there's no need to worry about having a hard time going through the controls while playing Arm Tactics HD on your device since game controllers for Android-capable mobile phones are available in the market today.

PROS: realistic graphics, offers the best war shooting game experience in Android

CONS: hardware demanding

Heavy sword can be closely compared to Super Mario but with an interesting twist in the story and cool weapon upgrades. This game for android doesn’t feature a plumber but a simple kid who simply want to be a hero and save the day with his huge sword. Heavy sword features a vibrant gaming atmosphere and colorful contents that will surely lead to countless hours for memorable mobile RPG experience. But then again, some android-capable devices seem to suffer from frequent lags while playing Heavy Sword. Despite of the presence of some bugs and glitches, this RPG game for Android definitely deserves to be a part of this list of the Top 10 Best Android Games of all time as it perfectly combined wonderful graphics and a thrilling story.

PROS: thrilling story, colorful and vibrant graphics

CONS: you are limited to one character, completing its stages is effortless especially for hardcore and experienced gamers

All of us dreamed to be a knight who is willing to rally across dangerous lands just to save a princess and rescue a doomed kingdom. Since the practice of knighthood has long been stopped, we are left with no other choice but to experience this kind of ecstasy through digital games. One Epic Knight for Android will take you to an adventure like no other where you play as a brave knight willing to rally inside a dangerous castle and eliminate hundreds of bad guys without stopping. This game is packed with thrilling, humorous, and dangerous moments. Don’t worry about exhausting yourself since you’ll find meat and treasures along the way that can fill your empty stomach and satisfy your lust for rewards.

PROS: great graphics, intense and addictive gameplay

CONS: lacks variety in terms of weapons, rewards, and stage design

Tetris is considered a hall of famer if we talk about digital gaming. It started out as a simple game with black and white interface played on one of the first mobile consoles released in the market. Through the years, Tetris drastically evolved along with the mobile gaming industry and is currently featured with bright colors, stunning effects, and a slight twist on how it is played making every Tetris game more exciting and fun-filled. Tetris Blitz comes with an addictive gameplay and a bucketful of new contents that will surely surprise not just Tetris fanatics but anyone who simply want to have an amazing mobile gaming experience during their free time through an android-capable device.

PROS: exciting gameplay, great graphics, can be played in virtually every Android-capable mobile phone

CONS: very addictive! you might end up playing for hours and cancelling important appointments

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    • dailytop10 profile image

      dailytop10 4 years ago from Davao City

      It's nice to hear you find my hub useful. Thanks!

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      Victor W. Kwok 4 years ago from Hawaii

      I could use this hub for reference. Thanks for sharing!

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      dailytop10 4 years ago from Davao City

      I'm glad you like it.

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      cactusbythesea 4 years ago from Seattle

      Nice list, thanks for sharing! I'm always looking for more games for my Android tablet.