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Top 10 must have accessories for iPhone 5

Updated on June 21, 2013

Great! You recently got one of the most wanted gadgets of our generation, the iPhone 5. This Smartphone will surely change how you communicate and be entertained through mobile especially if you have been used to using old-fashioned 3G phones for several years.

However, having one of the most handle devices nowadays will obviously lead to exaggerated expenses. You’ll be spending not just for the mobile itself but also in purchasing various accessories needed so you can fully enjoy its new and enticing features. With hundreds of iPhone 5 accessories in the market today, deciding which one to prioritize won’t be an easy task. Buying all of them is out of the question so you need to choose a few that you think are the most important. Sad to say, it’s less likely for casual mobile phone users just like most of us to come up with a reasonable decision in this kind situation. But don’t despair since here is a list of the Top 10 must have iPhone 5 accessories which can serve as your comprehensive guide and help you find stuffs for your new mobile that are truly needed.

ION audio piano apprentice for iPhone 5!
ION audio piano apprentice for iPhone 5!

Cheap deal for ION audio piano apprentice for iPhone 5!

Have you noticed excellent piano skills from your little one? Don’t let this chance to raise the next Sergei Rachmaninov slip away. By having an ION audio piano apprentice for iPhone 5, you can turn your mobile phone into a fully functional piano where your little one can hone his skills toward greatness. This approach is far cheaper compared if you purchase a new piano. This mobile phone accessory also comes with preset beats and music which can spice up your kid’s piano playing experience and make it an activity he will look forward to every day. Keep in mind that helping your child be the best of whatever he wishes to be is among the many responsibilities of a parent so don’t think twice about grabbing this mobile accessory even if it would mean investing a considerable amount in the process.

ION audio piano apprentice for iPhone 5 video review

Gear4 iPhone 5 alarm clock speaker dock
Gear4 iPhone 5 alarm clock speaker dock

Tired of waking up late? Is this bad habit slowly turning your life into a nightmare? Your new iPhone 5 can help you strictly obey a daily schedule, save your job, and once again follow an ideal lifestyle. All you need to do is grab any of best-selling iPhone alarm clock speaker docks in the market today. These docks can greatly boost your mobile phone’s audio giving it enough power to wake you up even after a night of hard drinking and partying. The best part of all is that majority of iPhone 5 speaker docks nowadays are sold at a very reasonable price so you don’t have to worry about facing serious financial problems for this purpose.

iPhone 5 alarm clock speaker dock video review

LifeProof iPhone 5 armband
LifeProof iPhone 5 armband

Purchasing an iPhone 5 armband can serve as the start of your ongoing efforts to follow a much healthier lifestyle. This accessory allows you to bring your mobile anytime and anywhere. Those who love to jog, bike, or hike will surely find an iPhone 5 armband very handy. Unlike what many believe, this iPhone 5 accessory won’t introduce discomfort since it is often made out of air-breathable materials. Recent iPhone 5 armbands especially those that are sold in various online mobile accessory shops nowadays also come in different colors and designs so you won’t be troubled finding one that perfectly blends with your fashion preferences.

iPhone 5 armband video review

iPhone 5 for seniors for dummies cover
iPhone 5 for seniors for dummies cover

Are you planning to surprise your grandfather for his 80th birthday by giving him a new iPhone 5? Although this mobile phone is considered by many as the best birthday gift, this may not be applicable to old celebrants. Most of them will have a hard time operating an iPhone 5 and end up not using it at all which of course would mean wasting hundreds of dollars for nothing. If you are really serious about introducing this new and innovative mobile technology to your precious grandfather, pack it with an iPhone 5 for seniors for dummies book. This book is packed with everything old folks might need to know about the iPhone 5 and how they can use all of its functions with ease.

New trent iPhone 5 external battery pack
New trent iPhone 5 external battery pack

Having your iPhone 5 available can be a matter of life and death particularly during emergencies and other dire moments. Whether you’re lost in the wilderness or accidentally trapped in a remote island after a boat crash, having your iPhone 5 usable at the longest possible time is crucial for you to survive. You’ll surely acknowledge the importance of having an iPhone 5 external battery pack during these times of great need. This iPhone 5 accessory can provide as much as 12 hours to your mobile, so you can contact authorities, check your current location, and determine the safest and shortest path towards civilization.

iPhone 5 external battery pack video review

iPhone 5 bike mount
iPhone 5 bike mount

Having your iPhone 5 as you go biking every weekend can make the activity safer and more entertaining. The newest addition of the iPhone series comes with a comprehensive map which you can access any time so you won’t be lost even if you journey along unfamiliar roads. It can also serve as music player allowing you to enjoy the moment to the fullest. Popular iPhone 5 bike mounts are built from high quality materials and offer superior grip, assuring that your handheld device won’t fall off regardless how rough the trail might be. Just make sure to purchase an iPhone 5 bike mount from a trusted mobile phone accessory brand and you’ll never go wrong.

iPhone 5 bike mount video review

Universal iPhone 5 car mount
Universal iPhone 5 car mount

Do you spend a lot of time every day searching for lost mobile on your car? Has this become a serious problem and is currently threatening your job due to piled of tardiness cases? Don’t let this simple dilemma ruin your life. All you need to do is grab any of the best iPhone 5 car mounts offered in the market today. Aside from keeping your handheld device at place as you drive, this iPhone 5 accessory also comes in various styles and colors so it can also serve as a great addition to your car’s aesthetic value. New iPhone 5 car mount models also serve as charging stations. If you have some spare cash, investing more to have the latest iPhone 5 car mount is something you surely won’t regret about.

iPhone 5 car mount video review

iPhone 5 screen protector
iPhone 5 screen protector

The iPhone 5’s operation is totally dependent to its screen. Even the slightest discrepancy found on this mobile’s screen can greatly impact its performance and user experience. This is why installing the best iPhone 5 screen protector is crucial. With this accessory at hand, you can keep your precious mobile safe from scratch, dust, dirt, and accidental bumps. The life of your handheld device is at stake here so it’s without a doubt a worthwhile investment. Consider quality as your main deciding factor while choosing which of the many iPhone 5 screen protectors to purchase. Avoid excessively cheap models as they are expected to suffer from quality issues and will only bring upon false promises about your mobile being fully protected.

How to properly apply an iPhone 5 screen protector

iPhone 5 car charger with a sleek design
iPhone 5 car charger with a sleek design

Having your mobile phone fully charged during long travels is crucial. This is true especially for iPhone 5 as it is commonly used as an automotive navigation system. With an iPhone 5 car charger, you can drive safely, avoid traffic, and reach your destination in the least possible time with the help of your mobile without draining out its battery. There are various iPhone 5 car chargers offered in both local and online retailers so be sure to pick one that compliments with your car model. Don’t hesitate to spend more if it would mean having an iPhone 5 car charger with superior quality and innovative features.

iPhone 5 car charger video review

iPhone 5 cases in various colors!
iPhone 5 cases in various colors!

You spent hundreds of dollars for a new iPhone 5 so protecting it from all sorts of harm should be among your priorities. There’s no better approach to get this job done other than installing any of the Top 10 Best iPhone 5 cases sold in the market today. Aside from offering superior protection, these enclosures also come with enticing designs to introduce a new and vibrant look on your mobile. There are various types of iPhone cases which differ not just in style but overall material composition as well. As much as possible, pick one that is made out of highly durable materials such as rubber and silicon.

Seidio Obex iPhone 5 case video review

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    • dailytop10 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Davao City

      I'm glad you find it interesting.Have a great day!

    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 

      5 years ago from Hawaii

      I could use a mount for my phone. Interesting hub.


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