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Top 10 DS games for girls

Updated on November 8, 2015

The DS is definitely the hand held game console which is the most girl friendly. There are some great Nintendo DS games for girls and in this article we will review the top 10 DS games for girls.

Littlest Pet Shop

The littlest pet shop is the cutest game that I have seen in a while. In the game you adopt pets. You then take care of the them, feed them and play mini games with them. The happier your pets are the more different kinds of pets you attract. The more you play the game the more mini-games and features you unlock.

Mini games include the balloon pop game as the name suggests you throw darts at balloons and try to pop them. Then there is the one where you tap nuts to keep them from falling on your pets. There is also a coloring game and a match the pet's face to a block game.

Imagine: Boutique Owner

You play as a character Kate who owns her own boutique shop.

In the game you spend quite a bit of time interacting with the customers, getting them the items they want and then selling it to them. You stock many items like plants, books, perfumes, toys, sweets and so on.

When a customer comes in and you don't have the item they want, you can create it for them. For instance you can make them a stuffed bear or mix a specific perfume.

You are also able to decorate your shop using different colors and by rearranging the furniture.

Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop

This is the newest addition to the Mama games. The aim of the game is to master as many recipes as possible, by cooking with mama. Then you use the recipes to cook for your friends.

They have added a new shop for mama part to the game. Here she sends you out with a list of ingredients and you have to buy them.

Throughout the game there are little mini games and tasks like dicing, mixing, and frying for mama.

Hannah Montana: Music Jam

This is the second Hannah Montana game on the Nintendo DS and it's a great improvement over the first one.

There are a few musical mini games in which you get to play instruments: guitar, bass, drums and you also get to test your vocal skills. You play the instruments with the stylus. In addition to the musical games, there is also ice skating, radio controlled car racing, pizza making and dress up.

Even girls who aren't fans of Hannah will love the game.

Disney Fairies: Tinkerbell

The strongest thing Tinkerbell has going for it is the graphics. The game really is beautiful.

Tinkerbell is basically a fetch-it RPG without any battles. You talk to the other fairies that populate the Disney Fairies world and they will ask you to retrieve items from other fairies or to do or find stuff.

Be warned this Tinkerbell requires quite a bit of reading so not for very young girls.

Smart Girls: Playhouse

This is the best DS game for young girls, I would recommend it for ages 3 to 10. Older girls will find the game boring.

No reading is required and it has many fun preschool activities like coloring, counting and drawing. I like that the 12 mini games teach important skills to young girls.

Gardening Mama

The way this fun gardening game works is that the activities are broken up into tasks. So if you want to plant a tulip you have to dig the hole, sow the seeds, water the plant and so on. All of the tasks have clear and easy to understand instructions.

Most of the activities are too easy for adults, but there are some which are quite enjoyable.

Animal Crossing: Wild World

Animal crossing is one of the all time great Nintendo DS games. In the game you move into a new town and you have to make a living by exploring and interacting with the town.

The game goes into great detail, you can errands for your animal friends, fish, catch bugs, shop for furniture, spend hours creating your own wallpapers and outfits, send mail to your friends, find or buy pets, meet the new guests who show up in town, work on landscaping, collect fossils and other artifacts for the museum, it just goes on and on.

Disney Princess: Magical Jewels

In this game kids play as a Disney princess. They have to collect jewels that have been stolen by an evil witch. Finally you battle the witch beat her and you restore the castle.

Disney Princess is a great DS game for girls age 4 and older.

Elite Penguin Force

The DS game has a number of fun spy missions, for girls who prefer games with more action. There's a wireless head to head mode, so you can play with your friends.

All in all this game is a real winner.

If you enjoyed top 10 DS games for girls you should also read top 10 books for teenage girls and best DS games for young kids.

top ten ds games for girls
top ten ds games for girls
Top 10 Nintendo DS games for girls
Top 10 Nintendo DS games for girls


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    • profile image

      Ryann Ty 3 years ago

      I appreciate some games that might get they look interesting

    • profile image

      Gracie 6 years ago

      I hate every game on here except Imagine boutique Owner, Which is more my style.

    • profile image

      Emily 6 years ago

      animal crossing is so boring!! so are the others, you guys should try super mario brothers!!! :)

    • profile image

      Dylan 6 years ago

      i love animal crossing

    • profile image

      lis 7 years ago

      I luv animal crossing and club penguin too

    • profile image

      olivia 7 years ago

      i like animal crossing but the rest of the games don't really like personly but others might idk