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Top 10 Tips to Be a Professional in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Updated on May 9, 2022

This version of Call of Duty takes us back to what the game was 12 years ago, so it's definitely a big shift from last year's Black Ops 4, and with this modern Warfare shift, your style of play must be different as well. Generally, because online play is strict and not tolerated many mistakes, here we offer you 10 tips not to fall into any of them.

Mines in the game are a double-edged weapon.

We will not deny that the mines in this version were wonderful, given the speed of their planting and the widespread surroundings you enjoy, but be careful of enemy mines is absolutely necessary, as you must first, avoid anything with a red light, and you must not break into any door randomly where many of them are planted behind doors, add to that As the shooting of the mine to detonate it, which I used in previous versions, changed in this version as you are likely to get hurt if you are close to it, and finally, use the Spotter bonus to be able to trace the location of enemy mines in the game.

Shot at drones and personal radars

In earlier parts of the game, you wouldn't have taken this advice because you know how much fire you'll need to take down one plane, but in this version, fortunately, one store of your gun is enough to take down both, even raids of another kind that might consume a few more stores won't be difficult for you.

Take your time checking corners and buildings.

The chaotic nature of the war enjoyed by the game unlike its predecessors, will encourage you to break into buildings and make you excited to attack enemies hiding behind corners, but, taking into account the very slow TTK (time of killing) in the game, all of the above will affect you negatively, so, we advise you instead To be queuing and using the r3-button-controlled look feature, which allows you to explore the corners and edges of the game more closely, helping you detect the presence of players hiding behind corners and others who take advantage of the blurring of their heads due to a technical error in the game.

Don't start playing without your headphones.

The footsteps in this version have a very high impact, so once you put on your headphones you will hear the impact of every step from Hackney's courtyard to the Azer Hut, the sound effects in the game are, to say the least excellent, so you won't miss out on who's coming towards you because of the sound of his feet provided you wear your headphones.

Try the new weapons attachments

One of the features of the version that you should not miss the opportunity to take advantage of, is that the weapons have a very wide variety of attachments, from lenses to silencers and back fists, so every time you win one of these wonderful attachments try it directly, it may be better than the weapon you spent last 20 roles It's a good thing.

Use Field Upgrades against your opponents

You can use Field Upgrades, which gives you preference over your opponent in more ways than one, you can use it after unlocking it by making progress in the multiplayer style, there are currently 9 of these Field Upgrades and each has its own features, such as your Munitions Box which provides you and your team members With ammunition, on the other hand, there's Recon Drone, which reveals where your enemy is for your allies and many more.

Smoke bombs are a necessary aid.

Try to go out into the open just for a moment, you'll probably fall dead before you see who killed you, especially in some styles that include a lot of players like Ground War and 10v10, but fortunately the presence of smoke bombs in this version will be a perfect protection and camouflage for you, just release it before you go out and no one can see Yitt, especially since the smoke in this version spreads to large areas.

Good performance sensitivity of the player's response to orders and assisted shooting

Perhaps the most important thing to set in the game after the sound and image settings is the level of sensitivity and the correction assistant, as the latter helps you to direct your weapon to a specific target and for those who use hands control in the game they have to reset it because in the default case be on the difficult level, or for To the degree of sensitivity you should try to know what suits you, lower it if you feel that the player's response to the orders you issue is exaggerated and raise them if the response is too low.

Reduce your movement as much as possible.

We learned from previous versions of Call of Duty that the more you move and shoot the more you chance to win, but, Modern Warfare won't agree with this, because of its very large maps and TTK (time of killing) too short, and the more you try to run, the more you will. Discount your place because of the game's powerful sound effects, so try to be as keen as possible.

Move as soon as the tour starts in gunfight

Inaction and laziness has always been a major obstacle, and this talk proves by the most stage Gunfight, in which you must be alert as soon as the round begins, as you will take a quick look at your weapons to check on them and then wait for the countdown and start moving as soon as you are allowed, do otherwise and stay where you are for a while, You will be monitored by the members of the opponent team who have started moving directly and will be assisted by small maps that allow them to reach you quickly.

Finally, we hope that the article has achieved the desired benefit and that we helped you achieve the best possible experience with this wonderful version of the game, what advice did you find useful among them? Share your opinion in the comments! You can also see our assessment of the game here.

© 2019 Jaber Khater


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