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Top 5 Geocaching Necessities

Updated on July 21, 2017

The Top Essential Item is a GPS Device or App

Geocaching requires players to own or have access to a GPS Device or a GPS Enabled smartphone with a Geocaching App. Geocaches are hidden across the world using Longitude and Latitude locations or coordinates. That means you better be really good at doing math and reading a compass if you do not have these necessities. That takes the fun out of the whole game!

Either way, GPS Devices are known for their high accuracy location capabilities and are far more superior (according to pro-cachers) than most Apps for your smartphone. Although the Official Geocaching App is free to download, you can always upgrade to the Premium Membership for a decent fee, but it gives you so many more Geocaches to choose from as a Premium Member.

Whether you choose an App for your smartphone, or a renowned GPS Device, they are the top necessity if you plan on going Geocaching. I recommend the Garmin eTrex 10 GPS. It has stunning accuracy and is also very affordable.

Discover Awesome Art and Historical Places!

Red Oak 2 in Carthage, Missouri. Home of some cool caches and awesome creations.
Red Oak 2 in Carthage, Missouri. Home of some cool caches and awesome creations. | Source

Geocoins Are Great Swag Items

Geocaching "Swag" A Must Have for Trading Items

One necessity for Geocaching is what fellow cachers refer to as "Swag". Swag items are the small tradeable items you often find inside a Geocache. These are usually small toys like Matchbox cars, green army men and Geocoins. As a Geocacher, one of the main rules is "if you take something, put something back". In other words, if you take an item from a geocache, you should put an similar item in its place to keep the stash flowing and filled with items for the next Geocacher to enjoy.

Geocachers have a strong interest in Geocoins. They are usually handmade coins that feature geographic locations, funny characters, and insignia from the different Geocaching Teams from across the globe. Some are more elaborate than others, but each Geocoin has its own special quality and meaning.

First Time Find? Better Bring a Pen!

One of the best experiences in Geocaching is seeing there is a brand new Geocache available to find. If you are the first to find it, you have complete bragging rights in the Geocaching community, but you have to prove it by signing the log (or game piece) with your tag name, date, and time!

Many Geocaches are extremely small, and require players to bring their own pen or pencil to sign the log. We all know pencils break and often the graphite smudges or fades away. So that's why having a pen is always a Geocaching necessity!

Bushwhacking? Watch out for Ticks!

Many Geocaches hidden out there require Geocachers to go "Bushwhacking". Hiking through fields, forests and tall grass is often referred to as "Bushwhacking". These types of journeys tend to lead us into the traps of a geocachers worst enemy---the tick!

Other bugs, like mosquitos, can be a nuisance as well, but ticks are nasty blood sucking ARACHNIDS that seem to attach themselves in the most awkward places and often lead to Lyme's Disease. This is a crippling disease that there is no cure for.

The best defense against any bugs, especially ticks, when Geocaching is bug spray with a higher deet concentration. Since the Zika virus scare has came to light, scientists are recommending deet-infused bug sprays and say that the health risks are minimal compared to that of contracting Zika virus.

There are many different bug sprays on the market, and you can even purchase all-natural sprays that still fend off ticks and mosquitos. So if you plan on going on a geocaching adventure, you better have your bug spray!

Ticks! A Cachers Worst Enemy!

These nasty buggers can leave you wishing to never cache again.
These nasty buggers can leave you wishing to never cache again. | Source

"Fore" The Sake of Creativity!

Hiding a Geocache? Be Creative!

How do all these Geocaches get out there? Obviously someone is hiding them! That could be you! If you plan on Geocaching, one of the best parts is hiding your very own Geocache for others to find!

Many people choose the tradition route, by hiding a geocache made from water-proof Tupperware, or the plain bison tube container (that only has space for a log). Others choose to use old ammunition containers they purchase at their local flea market, or homemade caches from p.v.c., all decked out in camo duct tape. Many geocachers find these kind of lame and plain. One of the best finds out there is one that provides some form of challenge. That's why creating an unique and creative geocache is important.

There are many ideas out there for creative caches, but some of the best ones are made to camouflage into the environment. The typical hide-a-key rock's are easy, and affordable options for a challenging cache, especially in urban areas where camouflaged piping can often be confused with trash or even worse---bombs.

It's also a cardinal rule to carry extra cache containers with you, just incase you find a damaged, missing, or water-logged container. Replacing a fellow geocacher's damaged container is just good geocaching etiquette.

Creativity Rules the World of Geocaching

Evil creative Geocache made from a lock.
Evil creative Geocache made from a lock. | Source

Check out Some Cool Caches in Action!


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