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Top 5 Support Champions in League of Legends

Updated on July 23, 2013

5. Soraka

Soraka is a very passive support champion. She allows poke heavy ADC champions to keep up consistent poke with spells as she can restore their mana very consistently, especially if you have a Philosopher’s Stone or other mana regeneration item. Because of the heal she can also allow ADC champions to involve in equal trades as she can bring them back up to a reasonable health level very quickly, meaning that her ADC can stay dominant. Her silence can also shut down the APC for reasonable levels at a time in team fights, and can also prevent opposing ADCs or supports (yes, I mean Blitzcrank :)) from pulling off large plays by shutting down their abilities for a short amount of time. The whole team heal can also be useful in team mates, but can also make your ADC receive a double heal in a bot lane fight, tipping the tides in your favour. Her q can also do poke on the enemy champions, but ensure that you don’t accidentally steal lots of farm with it. This will get very annoying for an ADC and they may rage. Overall, Soraka should not intend to play for humongous early game fights, but can sustain an ADC through lots of damage, allowing them to keep up consistent farming rates.

4. Sona

Sona is a very strong support in the League of Legends as her abilities can allow her to be a very powerful champion in several different areas. She also has high utility value as she can initiate fights, back away from bad fights, heal her team, damage the enemy team, increase your teams damage and increase the movement speed of allies running from enemy or chasing low enemies. Her q gives her great early game poke and the damage boost can help your ADC farm early on. Just remember to only use it when you are in range of a champion, as stealing farm will agitate your ADC. Use your ultimate if you can hit both enemies at once in a lane, or flash ultimate to start a team fight and this will almost ensure your teams victory. The movement speed can also help your ally get back into lane faster and can make chasing enemy champions really simple, especially for the notoriously low paced ADC champions. Overall, Sona is a great support champion who can be used in several different situations to secure victories for your team.

3. Thresh

Thresh is one of the newest support champions, however he is also very strong. His q, once well practiced, can punish enemy ADCs early game as it shuts them down for long lengths of time. You can also place a lantern behind you, q to a nearby minion, and then your ADC can follow you by using your lantern, getting a lot of distance covered for both of you. Using your lantern to collect souls can also collect you lots of armour without exposing yourself too much. The enhanced attacks of your q can deal lots of damage, whilst not exposing yourself to enemy attacks because of your range. Your e can also be used effectively to stop an enemy attacking and running, however, I can be a bit hard to learn to use effectively. Your ultimate can deal great damage to several enemies and can easily be used to secure kills because of the massive slow on it. Overall, Thresh is a very strong champion just now and you should definitely consider learning to play him because he is very powerful.

2. Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank is one of the most commonly banned champions at low elo, and this is because of his incredible ability to set up plays and shut down enemies. If you have mastered his grab, you can deal significant damage using a q, e, r combo, with the knock up and silence allowing your ADC to catch up and do great, free damage to him. He is wildly known as one of the strongest champions in the game and can really lead an ADC to being fed through lots of clever grabs. A flash grab can destroy an enemy ADC for an easy first blood for your team. When moving through the jungle, grabbing an enemy onto the opposite side of a wall can get a free kill on them with no retaliation. Blitzcrank is also very good if you want to invade early game, because you can just grab the blue and the rest of your team can destroy it for an easy free blue, often shutting down a jungler completely because of how important buffs are for xp now. Blitzcrank is one of the most irritating champions to play against, and when played correctly, can take the team on his shoulders and lead them to an easy victory through isolation of their squishy targets.

1. Taric

Taric is the strongest support in my opinion just now because of how strong his skill set is. The armour bonus that he can provide your team can be a huge help in terms of team fights and early stage fights, and the fact that his heal can heal himself and his ADC in one go makes it very strong. His stun is also very strong, especially when playing with ADCs who have a gap closer as the Taric can do a lot of burst damage and the ADC can finish them off. His general tankiness means that he can take lots of damage from enemies and if a Taric is played well, it is virtually impossible to lose your lane, which results in a very strong ADC for you, and a weak one for them. His ultimate can completely change a team fight because of the stat benefits it offers your team and the initial AoE damage. Just remember that your heal costs a lot of mana so don’t use it too much early game.


Some other strong options include Alistar and Nidalee, and you just need to play until you find who is your favourite. A general tip for support is remember to ward. A ruby sightstone is not enough. You should have at least 4 greens and a pink on the map at most occasions once the laning phase ends. Remember that wards single handedly win you games :)

Thank You

Thank you for reading this hub and if you have any different opinions on the top 5, please explain in the comments who and why as I am always interested to hear from you guys. If you ever want to play with me my name is MiniManDanny on the EU West servers and just send me a message saying that you know me from hubpages when I accept you. :)


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