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Five Zombie PC Games to Satisfy Your Cravings

Updated on October 27, 2017
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I have been gaming since 2002 when I was 8 years old and got my first PC. Now I review games, make lists, and explore fantasy worlds.

Why zombies?

That is a good question that you might ask. Zombies have been a fan favorite for quite a while and while for many people they might seem gross or simply horrific, for people like me, zombies offer an apocalyptic scenario in which normal people would actually stand a chance.

Unlike nuclear fallout or natural disasters, in a zombie apocalypse you have higher chances of survival if you know what to do and how to survive in a harsh new world.


#5 - Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 is a co-operative action horror FPS game, launched in 2009. This game will take you through cities, swamps, grave yards and industrial areas.

This is the perfect game to play with your friends, as it is quite hectic. With a wide range of weaponry, from hand guns to automatic guns, swords to chainsaws and Molotov cocktails, you will surely enjoy destroying zombies in new and creative ways.

Even if you do not have friends that like this kind of game, you can play with random people from all over the world, as the player base is quite big for a game that is so old.

You will enjoy ravaging zombies, running like a madman when the zombie horde is simply too big and cry in despair when you will get cornered.

There are also several types of special zombies, each with their set of abilities and each with their way of annoying the living hell out of you.

If you like zombie gore, explosions, madness and mega-fun, I honestly recommend this game.


#4 State of Decay

State of Decay is a single player, open world game set in the zombie apocalypse. You will start with a character right after everything started to go south and you will slowly but surely unveil the fact that you will need to adapt to a new world in order to survive.

You will be able to find a new place in which to leave, band up with other survivors and defend your sweet little home whilst also scavenging for supplies and materials.

After you manage to recruit more people in your base, you will be able to change characters as you please. This feature ads a new layer of complexity as you will have to manage your weapons and resource just right, in order for everyone to survive and make the best out of a pretty bad situation. After all, it is the zombie apocalypse and resources are scarce.

In the beginning, you will find it easy to survive as there are plenty of places to scavenge but as time goes by, you will have to travel further and further for food, materials and medicine.

With a dynamic world and NPC's scattered around the map, you will feel like you are actually part of the zombie apocalypse and that is what a good game does.

You can check out the official launch trailer below.


#3 - Dying Light

Dying Light is a first-person action-adventure survival horror game, launched in 2015.

It features a single player campaign with a full fledged story as well as multi-player and co-operative features.

In Dying Light you are stuck in a quarantine zone, infested with zombies and you will have to get by with your parkour skills. Yes, you read that right... PARKOUR.

You will climb building, fences, cars and whatever you might have in mind, whilst avoiding the hordes of undead. You can battle with them too but this game is not so forgiving when it comes to combat, especially during the night.

During the day, you can fight the zombies with no problem, running around, jumping from building to building but during the night, the undead become more aggressive and strong. During the night there are also special mutated zombies that come out of hiding and they will hunt you down.

If you want a fun story-driven game that can turn into co-operative game at any time and you wish to survive the zombie apocalypse with your parkour skills, then you should definitely give this game a try.


#2 Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid is quite different from the games presented above as this game does not have flashy graphics or a story mode but it still is one of the best zombie games out there.

It is a full-on zombie apocalypse simulator that features crafting, growing plants and fishing with a bunch more features to be added as the game is developed. Currently in Early Access on Steam, it has a lot of value for its small price point.

You can play alone or with friends and experience the zombie apocalypse. Power cutting down, water getting cut and trying to avoid the zombie hordes that get attracted by any noise or sight.

You can loot houses, read books to keep yourself sane, read books to learn how to build things, cook food while the gas is on, fill bottles with water and rip clothes to shreds so you can make yourself a bandage.

This is one of the most complex games out there that features a lot of depth and that actually makes you feel hopeless like you would feel in a real zombie apocalypse because let's face it, it wouldn't be funny or bad-ass at all.

You will get trapped when you least expect it or die of hunger and many other scenarios.

As the game itself says when you start, 'This is how you died'.


#1 - Telltale's The Walking Dead

From now on, when I refer to The Walking Dead, I mean the game exclusively, not the TV show or the comic book.

This is not your conventional zombie game either, as it does not feature an open world where you battle endless hordes of zombies and at the end you arise victorious.

This game is focused on the story of survivors, the relationship between them and the human component of a zombie apocalypse. What would people do, how will they react and all that good stuff.

The story of this game revolves around you and the choices you make while you play. Every choice you make will impact the future of the story in one way or another. Even seemingly unimportant dialogue has relevance and this is why in my opinion this is the best zombie game out there.

With believable characters, a compelling story and the fact that you have a choice in how the story unfolds makes this game a 10 in my book.

There are 2 Seasons available, as well as a stand-alone DLC in-between that ties with the 2nd season.

Each Season has 5 episodes and your choices carry over from episode to episode and from season to season.

At the moment from what I recall, choices made in Season 1 and the DLC named '400 Days' will carry over in Season 2 and affect how your story begins and unfolds.

Below you can find the official trailer of Season 1.

Closing Thoughts

This was my top 5 best zombie games for PC. Keep in mind that this list is strictly my opinion and I don't want to get anyone mad.

I would absolutely love to see more amazing zombie games come out and at the moment I just can't wait for the Season 3 of Telltale's The Walking Dead to be launched this Fall.

I hope you enjoyed my Top 5 and that it proved to be quite informative as well.

© 2016 Andrei Tanase


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